Life extension/replacements

From generators to turbines, we can consult on, or create, a cost-competitive and less-disruptive power plant upgrade for the economics, maintenance, and overall reliability of your automation and control equipment. Generator excitation, HMI and turbine control upgrades can help extend your equipment life, improve overall plant performance, and reduce operational expenditures (OpEx).

Modernization and compliance

Our automation and control upgrade solutions for excitation systems, HMIs, and turbine controls:

  • Improve power plant reliability
  • Reduce downtime
  • Comply with modern norms and regulations

Power plant turbine controls solutions

Our steam turbine control upgrades range from full-system replacement to our smart Industrial Internet Control System (IICS) Migration Pack. Reusing site infrastructure, we’ll facilitate a smooth migration of your ALSPA installed base to GE’s latest Mark VIe controls without the need for modifications to I/O modules and process wiring.

Customer benefits:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Full scalability: entry-level to high-performance solutions
  • OEM customization and configuration
  • Modular design with options for pre-installed applications
  • High performance for uninterrupted data transmission

Human machine interface (HMI) solutions for DCS and steam power plant turbine controls

Upgrading the HMI of your steam plant improves uptime and allows you to connect to the Industrial Internet, using data and analytics to enhance operations. Our HMI power plant service is available on all ALSPA-installed systems for power generation and industrial customers. Get enhanced cybersecurity, new reliability, and compatibility with Windows 10 and Predix.

Customer benefits:

  • Facilitated obsolescence management
  • Ergonomic improvements for quick analysis on alarms and faults
  • Improved availability and performance through alarm management
  • Easy access to remote support for accelerated troubleshooting
  • Protection from external and internal risk with patch management and back-up and restore, and cybersecurity-risk assessment solutions

Excitation system solutions for power plants

From full control-system replacements to low-cost automatic voltage regulator (AVR) migration packs, we’ll develop an economic upgrade for your excitation system. Our control section retrofit provides the latest control for your power plant but maintains the existing power conversion sections—lowering costs, downtime, and upgrade risks.

Customer benefits:

  • Costly power-converter replacement avoided
  • Limited outage duration
  • Reduced maintenance costs and risk of retrofits
  • Enhanced reliability and system diagnostics with the latest Mark VIe technology
  • Improved system reliability and lower spare parts requirements
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