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Unlock operational excellence with Integrated Plant Controls for power generation

Join our experts for a detailed look at Integrated Plant Controls as they provide insights on benefits, customer examples, and cybersecurity importance. Discover streamlined operations, diverse equipment adaptability, and compliance assurance.


In control: Maintaining your control system throughout its lifecycle

While every facet of your plant is crucial, one important piece is your turbomachinery control system. If something goes wrong, the effects can compound quickly—along with the costs. Join us to learn about ways to keep your system running effectively.

OEM expertise

A history of customer success

GE Vernova has provided integrated plant controls to customers in critical process and infrastructure sectors for more than 45 years. With installation and support networks around the world, we are one of the world’s largest OEMs for control solutions and DCS. As the OEM, we have fully validated and tested all of our gas turbine and integrated plant controls at our manufacturing and service facilities around the globe.


See the difference

Coordinated plant operation

As a leading OEM for rotating equipment, GE Vernova has decades of experience controlling assets both big and small. We have the most advanced controls for primary assets like gas turbines, as well as solutions for a fully integrated DCS/ICS plant—so you can take advantage of future gas turbine upgrades to continue improving plant performance. That’s peace of mind that only an OEM can provide.


With a common operator interface and tools, and linked controllers, GE Vernova’s Mark VIe plant controls help ensure more efficient operations, as well as improved I&C diagnostics and integration across electrical and other smart instruments.

Compared to non-integrated controls, installation is faster and your equipment availability will increase—4% above industry standard when the DCS is combined with engineering.


Why GE?

Scalable scope to meet your needs

While our integrated plant controls represent the most comprehensive level of automated plant control, we offer different levels of services and products. No matter which of the configurations below best fits your needs, we can work with you to develop tailored plant- or unit-level controls. 

  • New unit customers and EPCs
  • Installed base and retrofits

GE Vernova’s scalable model can provide a complete range of solutions, from a fully engineered power plant that delivers improved performance to just the DCS and plant components—or any other configuration in between.

Improve your project execution

Speed, responsiveness and performance

  • 99% record of on-time installation during project execution, with 50% fewer change orders than industry average 
  • Proven reference designs facilitate rapid quote response
  • An integrated system that uses common configuration and diagnostic tools to reduce programming, system checkout, and start-up hour
  • Flexibility to adapt to different EPCs’ needs and behaviors 
  • Diversity in regions and locations

Reduce your risk

Ease of contracting, single point of accountability

  • Simplification of project coordination, less engineering and review time
  • Equipment + DCS integration = plant-level industrial Internet
  • Factory testing for the Mark VIe distributed control system (DCS) can include Mark VIe turbine control and plant simulation, allowing for full plant control testing

Increase your cost savings

Make the most of your architecture with a single control platform

  • Most hardwired signals between the turbine controls and the DCS are not required with the Mark VIe distributed control system (DCS), saving wiring and site checkout and commissioning
  • The GE Vernova DCS provides a single operator interface for the entire system, reducing the need for separate turbine operator interfaces
  • Less contracting time and lower cost

As the gas turbine OEM, we know your power plant better than anyone. We have the experience to upgrade or add a DCS to your existing plant configuration—whether you have a vintage GE Mark control system or a competitor’s control system—and service options to continue serving your needs for the long term.

Reduce your outage risk

Helping meet your reliability goals

  • The GE Vernova team can upgrade your controls as part of your scheduled outage
  • Close collaboration with customers from the beginning of the process
  • Customized project configuration and execution for the best possible outcome
  • Our technology is always evolving, helping ensure the latest software and analytics, hardware, and guarantees

Flexible execution models

Making sure your expectations are met

  • Adaptable, flexible approach to projects
  • Project scope can range from basic new units model to a comprehensive, end-to-end support
  • Scalable execution models

Long-term support

Services for the long haul

  • Extensive aftermarket services suite, LTSAs and spare parts management
  • World-class training academy
  • Preventative maintenance visits
  • Remote diagnostic services
  • Cyber asset protection program

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Integrated plant controls

GE Vernova’s Mark VIe Distributed Plant Controls (DCS) provides plant automation with an integrated control system across your entire plant, including the power train equipment, electrical and mechanical distribution, processes, and BOP.

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