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ActivePoint HMI

Learn more about how GE Vernova's ActivePoint* HMI solution provides plant operators with improved performance, a user-friendly interface, and protection for the future.

Streamlined architecture

Less maintenance, more efficient operations

Based on CIMPLICITY* 11—GE Vernova’s latest user interface software—our ActivePoint HMI offering integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Windows server architecture and can be implemented on both traditional and virtual server client architectures. Because a virtual or “thin” client architecture is centralized, operators will need fewer licenses—which translates to less maintenance and labor, less frequent patching, and a more efficient operation that saves both time and money.


Learn more about how GE Vernova’s ActivePoint HMI solution provides plant operators with improved performance, a user-friendly interface, and protection for the future.

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Plan ahead

Future-proof your business

ActivePoint HMI is the platform of the future. Its modern and modular configuration will allow you to invest in upgrades over time, helping to ensure your operations are always current, and your business is up to date and supported for its entire lifecycle.


Save time

Faster performance

Would you like your screen to load in half the time? With CIMPLICITY* 11 at the heart of the technology, our ActivePoint HMI can deliver real-time, plant-wide data in substantially less time than it takes for your current HMI to load.


Make quicker decisions

Modern, user-friendly interface

With simpler and more intuitive graphics and navigation—and the ability to add improved alarms and alerts—this latest system enables plant operators to react more quickly to issues, make more informed decisions about their operation, and make fewer errors.


Avoid threats

Enhanced cybersecurity

Cyber threats to your plant are increasing—and rapidly evolving. Plant operators don’t always have the bandwidth to monitor, manage, and address them on a daily basis. Our Baseline Security Center is a set of tools that, when integrated into your ActivePoint HMI, will deliver comprehensive security capabilities that help keep your operation safe so you and your plant personnel can focus on the job at hand.

Even if your plant is considered a low security risk, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re adhering to the latest cybersecurity guidelines with an up-to-date HMI, especially when they are constantly evolving.


*Trademark of GE Vernova and/or its affiliates

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