Power plant outage schedule

Explore your maintenance scenarios and planning to identify the important milestones in advance of your next outage. Your goals are our goals, so no matter what state of planning you’re in, or what you’re hoping to achieve with your specific outage, we’re ready to serve as your outage partner.

  • 6 Months +
  • 3 Months
  • 1 Month
  • Pre-Start-up Review
  • Close Out
  • Unplanned power plant outage

Well in advance, before your planned outage, our teams will work closely with you to make sure everything needed for a successful project is in place.

We will work with you and your specialists to develop a detailed scope of work with clear roles and responsibilities. From standard parts and repair work to steam turbines and generators, all necessary equipment and expected maintenance work will be defined as a team.

We will review, support and update site-specific EHS requirements for our teams and the plant outage events to ensure our first priority for a successful safe execution,

With experience in coal/nuclear equipment and plant outage management, we have the knowledge, best practices and expert engineering and field team needed to help you start planning for an effective outage that addresses the specific objectives. For example, adapting the services scope reflecting the plant operational characteristics, optimizing the scheduling to fit with the required outage window and other site activities, preparing for potential emergent findings during the planned maintenance and making sure we have your back to return the plant to commercial operation as planned,

Parts & tooling kits:
When it comes to both consumable parts and more significant replacement parts with longer lead items, planning is key. Through our network of local repair workshops and supplier network, we can engineer and order exactly the parts you need—for an outage that’s performed well, and on time. Based on your inventory and your outage scope, we will start defining what equipment and special tools will be needed for a proper and timely outage execution. From cranes to rotor stands, the tooling kit will be customized to your outage and site.

We will continue to fine-tune your power plant outage planning through regular touchpoints and transparent communication. Together, we will establish precise mobilization and demobilization plans, including customer training logistics and requirements, site setup, internal and external resource arrival, site turnover, equipment, and tools.

Key aspects of EHS include site laydown, lockout & tagout, walk down, delimited storage and quarantine zones. We will discuss and reach an agreement on all these important aspects with you to help ensure a safe plant outage execution.

We will consider the planned outage scope as well as potential unplanned activities to define necessary mitigations steps that will help keep your outage on track. Our engineering team will prepare all the necessary technical documentation for our field teams, including field procedures, test protocols and field service instructions.

Parts & tooling kits:
This is the time to perform an onsite parts inspection to ensure you have the rights parts at the highest quality. We will work with you to plan the staging and delivery of parts and consumables to meet the scope of your outage.

We will work together to finalize our communication plan and regular checkpoints, including issue escalation, to remain transparent and allow for quick decision-making on the turbine deck during your plant outage.

The GE team will complete our pre-planning checklist with you and our regional EHS manager to make sure we have taken all aspects of safe outage inspections into consideration. Then we will conduct briefings for the EHS manager, employees and contractors.

With our engineering team, we will customize the inspection and test plans and review all technical documentation to ensure it fits your site, your outage, and your requirements.

We will perform all final checks, including parts and tooling kits delivery, to make sure your outage starts on time and is safely conducted.

1 month after outage:
Our team will provide a thorough, detailed post-outage report, including EHS, delivery time, productivity savings and lessons learned. This report will be shared with you along with a customer experience survey that will help us improve our processes and procedures.

2 months after outage:
We will organize a post-outage review meeting with you and your team to address any open items, hear about your experience and feed back through the entire organization to continuously improve our performances and processes.

Unfortunately, not all outages can be planned. If you identify a need for emergency parts, had an unexpected issue emerge during an outage or are facing a forced outage, we’re here to help.

Not only can we support last-minute outage requests, we can help you with additional parts from our refurbished part pool. Our field services team is backed by a global network of technical, repair and analytics experts that can respond quickly to unplanned events.

Customer stories
  • South Africa
  • USA

South Africa’s need for more reliable power

20 year

increase in plant life

3 million

households back on the national grid

The Kriel power plant was not operating reliably to support demand, leaving 3 million households off the national grid and impacting business operations. An aging fleet and lack of plant maintenance had contributed to a steady decline in generating capacity. GE designed, manufactured and replaced the station’s 40-year-old stator core—a first-of-its-kind, complex modification project in the region and an important project that brought back Unit 2 to full service.


Delivering a nuclear power plant outage ahead of schedule



12 days

work performed


"This was Steam Power’s first project involving the ‘re-bucketing’ of three nuclear steam turbine rotors simultaneously, and it was the largest-ever single mobilization for the On-Site Services team. Great planning, execution and attitude made this milestone project a true success."

—Lance Hall

General Manager, GE Steam Power Americas

GE Steam Power—working in collaboration with our on-site services, FieldCore and APM teams—was faced with a daunting job: Replace 672 buckets across three low-pressure (LP) nuclear steam turbines at a U.S. nuclear power plant, all in under two weeks.


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Replacing Kriel power plant’s 40-year stator core in just 6 months.

Advanced outage planning to help reduce operating costs and downtime simultaneously

Ebensberg power plant: From emergency to performance improvement

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