ENEVA credits GE Steam Power’s team in Brazil for ‘world-class’ execution on an outage at their Pecem II coal plant that featured on-time and budget delivery, and with the quality they required.

The challenge

There’s no industry in which the phrase ‘time is money’ is more meaningful than in the energy sector. For power producers, each day of downtime often means significant revenue loss and/or a potential loss of priority position in bidding for delivering power to their local grid. With this in mind, GE’s Steam Power team set out to make speed - without sacrificing quality - a top priority during a recent outage project in Brazil for ENEVA.

The solution

The project was performed at ENEVA´s Pecem II power plant in Sao Goncalo do Amarante/CE city. Pecem II has 365MW of power generation capacity and is responsible for a considerable portion of power supply in the Northeast subsystem of the Interconnected National Grid (SIN).

The project scope featured a steam turbine minor overhaul, including on-site rotor blade replacement (one HP stage), and a generator inspection and electrical tests. From the first day of planning, several factors got the project off to a fast start and kept the momentum going throughout the outage, including:

  • The availability of local tools and a workshop
  • On site blade replacement
  • Local GE technical experts
  • Quick problem-solving through ongoing communication between ENEVA and GE
  • No quality or safety issues

A model for world-class execution

Through proper preparation and efficient execution, the outage was completed on time, and all deliverables were met with high quality. ENEVA noted that one of the keys to the project’s success was GE’s ability to perform certain repairs on components—including turbine blades—on site. This eliminated additional days that would have been needed for off-site repairs from the outage schedule.


Being able to complete this outage on time was very beneficial to our operation. The communication between our team and GE throughout the project was excellent, and played a key role in its on-time delivery. GE delivered on all its promises. We are also very pleased with the quality of the work performed, and in working together we think this project is a model for what world-class execution looks like.

Plant general manager

Renan Fernandes Felix

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