Why choose a life extension?

With the technological advancements of industrial steam power equipment, reaching the end of design life doesn’t have to mean major capital investment in new assets. In part 1 of our 2-part video series, our industrial service team discusses the many benefits of a life extension solution.  In part 2, they share some case study outcomes of projects we've completed for customers.

Your competitiveness is our goal

Can GE help keep my industrial plant productive and competitive throughout its lifecycle?


Yes. GE Steam Power understands your distinctive business drivers require the most efficient and reliable operation possible, while minimizing operating costs. With the deepest core services knowledge of industrial steam applications, technologies, and services for both your GE and legacy brand  assets, our team can deliver on your plant needs. From daily operations and maintenance, to full lifecycle management—including outages, parts, repairs, replacements and life extensions—GE has the expertise and service agility to help you stay ahead of the competition.

When it comes to your most pressing questions, our answer is YES.

Focused on your core service needs

Parts when you need them


When it comes to industrial parts, speed and cost are the main priorities for our customers—especially now, with various factors affecting supply chain schedules and costs of materials. GE Steam Power is staying ahead of the curve. In addition to expanding our network of parts manufacturing across the Americas, we’ve also partnered with local suppliers that can manufacture GE industrial parts at the same high standards that we—and our customers—demand. With local service providers waiting in the wings, we can respond to new parts orders faster to help keep your operations up and running without interruption.

Meet the experts

Addressing your industrial challenges

At GE Steam Power, we understand the unique issues industrial customers are facing in today’s changing operating environment. Hear what our experts have to say about some of the most common industrial challenges.

Boost your production and bottom line

Peter Barge, Industrial Sales Leader, talks about how to slash costs and downtime across your entire outage cycle.

Plan ahead for emergent work

Tips from Peter Barge about how to reduce the cost and duration of your outage by anticipating and planning ahead.

Customer stories

Helping Ebensburg Power recover from an emergency event

One Sunday afternoon, the Ebensburg power plant experienced a serious generator failure that knocked their operation offline. The Ebensburg team called GE Steam Power to investigate, and a strategic solution included not only a field rewind, but also pulling in steam turbine maintenance originally scheduled for 2023. This approach saved the site both time and money over the long term, while realizing a steam turbine heat rate improvement of 6-7%.


steam turbine heat rate reduction

The Power of Yes in action


"One thing that’s enormously valuable about GE, in a major project like this, when you run into challenges, you have this deep bench in engineering and experts that you can reach out to, and they can solve the problem."

Tom Roberts

Plant Manager, Ebensburg power plant

Helping restore productivity to a thriving Canadian industrial

A Canadian pulp and paper mill was losing revenue due to a failing waste recovery boiler smelt spout, so fast action was needed. Multiple failures of the mill’s boiler smelt spout were resulting in a drop in productivity of $14M CAD. A new smelt spout would help restore the mill to its previous productivity and keep its business running smoothly. GE installed a new unit quickly—in less than six weeks—and the new smelt spout is now running in a more stable environment, which has helped add 5-7 MW to the mill’s power output.


weeks to install

5-7 MW

additional output


Modernizing boilers for a booming pulp & paper business

In the small Canadian town of La Tuque, pulp & paper production is a big deal. Located in the Quebec province, the community’s economy centers on several manufacturing facilities, including the La Tuque pulp & paper mill, where tons of high-demand packaging goods are produced for industries including food and beverage and beauty & personal care.

In operation since 1907, the pulp & paper mill was facing aging industrial boiler components that needed modernization services to keep up with its 24/7, 350-days a year production schedule. With downtime only possible a few days a year, La Tuque tapped GE Steam Power to install new economizer boiler hardware that could extend the plant’s operating life as much as 40 years.



The GE team was able to complete the industrial boiler project ahead of schedule due to meticulous, early project planning and the team’s familiarity with the plant—GE started working with the La Tuque mill more than 50 years ago with the installation of boilers and air pollution control equipment.

The modernization effort is helping La Tuque maintain the quality standards of its operation recommended by the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI). Ever since the industrial boiler service took place, the new equipment’s performance has been “outstanding.”

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