The pulp and paper mill was losing revenue due to a failing waste recovery boiler smelt spout, so fast action was needed.

The challenge

Multiple failures of the paper mill’s waste recovery boiler smelt spout were resulting in a drop in productivity of $14M CAD. A new smelt spout would help restore the mill to its previous productivity and keep its business running smoothly.

The solution

GE installed a new unit quickly—in less than six weeks—and the new smelt spout is now running in a more stable environment, which has helped add 5-7 MW to the paper mill’s power output.


Up to 300 tons of pulp

produced each year



5-7 MW

added power output

A smelt spout is a key component of an industrial recovery boiler and helps improve the operating efficiency of an industrial plant. In the case of a pulp and paper mill, a smelt spout drains waste from “digested” wood left over during the pulp-making process. From there, the waste is burned and transformed back into usable chemicals for making more pulp, while creating steam in the process that can also be reused.

This particular paper mill produces kraft pulp, the main ingredient for making tissue paper, cardboard packaging and cups, and packaging products for shipping purposes. The mill has the capability to produce up to 300 tons of pulp for these products each year.

The GE team in Canada was able to install a new unit with repairs that  included:

  • Replacement of the smelt spouts
  • Modified mini hoods and a new shatter spray system
  • Supply of spare chromized water-cooled components

Since this customer resumed operation, they’ve reported that the unit is running more reliably than before, and the site has gained ~5-7 more MW of power.

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