Key benefits

Durability and flexibility for your plant

Created with integration in mind

The STF-G220 features a horizontal steam inlet, a hot end drive and axial exhaust, to facilitate a floor level installation. Its lightweight transport frame simplifies transport and installation, while the panting plate support eliminates the need for a spring foundation

Configuration flexibility

The STF-G220 steam path can be fitted with up to 7 stages to accommodate a wide range of geothermal steam conditions. It can also be re-staged without rotor machining in order to adapt to deteriorating resource quality.

Durable and robust

Critical areas are protected by surface hardening, stellite plating, and surface coating to mitigate stress corrosion risks and ensure long parts life even under harshest conditions.


Key features

  • Reliable even under harsh conditions thanks to use of erosion and corrosion resistant materials specifically selected for wet steam and aggressive media
  • Highly efficient steam path with modern 3D impulse blading and advanced rear stage profiles
  • Robust governor valves with self-cleaning non-contact seats made from stellite reliably prevent scaling buildup and minimize wear
  • Compact transport module with light but stable base frame simplifies alignment and installation
  • Cost effective low-level installation is enabled by the horizontal steam inlet and axial exhaust. This simplifies foundation design and reduces total installed cost. Flanged pipe nozzles facilitate minimize field welding
  • Maintenance-friendly architecture. All pipe connections are in the lower casing, which allows opening the unit without disconnecting pipes
Product specifications

STF-G220 steam turbine product specifications

Specifications shown are for 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

  STF-G220 (GST)
Main Steam 16 bar (230 psig) 360 °C (680 °F)
Output ≤ 50 MW
Efficiency ≤ 30%
Maximum Backpressure ≤ 300 mbar (8.9 in. Hg)
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