Powerful, reliable, and efficient

A compact solution for nuclear steam turbines

The STF N700 turbine offers a robust architecture in which the steam first expands in a double-flow HP path. After moisture separation and reheat, it then expands in four or six LP flows. The turbine rotors are rigidly coupled to each other and to the generator rotor, and each rotor is supported by a pair of journal bearings.

The HP model is derived from the most powerful 3,000 rpm saturated steam turbines in operation in the U.K. and China and features impulse-type blading and six stages to increase both global efficiency and final power output. HP steam exhausts are connected to the moisture separator reheater (MSR) by four cross-under pipes. This design allows servicing of the turbine without needing to disassemble the exhaust pipes.


STF-N700 features & capabilities

A powerful, efficient steam turbine

Including cutting-edge blading technology adapted to any backpressure conditions, the STF N700 turbine can feature two or three LP modules for enhanced vacuum fit.

Specifications shown are 50 Hz

Typical Reactor Output 1,500-2,200 MWth
Shaft Line Rotational Speed 3,000
HP/HIP Turbine Type 50NH2F07
Number of LP Turbines 3
Last Stage Blade Length in Inches (“) 39
Reactor Type PHWR
Configuration Double flow HP
LP Turbine Type LP41
Speed (rpm) 3,000
Output 700 MW
Heaviest Lift – LP Rotor (tons) 85
Power Train Width (m) 17
Hook Height (m) 15
Power Train Length including Generator (m) 53

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