Proactively monitoring the health of your industrial power equipment with digital technology is one of the most effective ways to better plan your future outages and reduce unplanned downtime. Monitoring and Diagnostic (M&D) service is also quite cost-effective, considering the value it delivers.

We’ve been providing M&D support to gas and steam customers for nearly 30 years, and I’m pleased to report that we are now offering the same high quality, affordable technical support for industrial customers.

GE’s industrial plant M&D are based on the instrumentation you already have in your plant, so no additional sensors or instrumentation are required. All we need is a standard interface to your control system to collect the signals, and we can start monitoring your plant’s performance.

Monitoring & Diagnostic Service: The basics

Because M&D detects operational anomalies in real time, it gives you more control of your plant’s reliability through deeper insights of what’s happening inside your equipment. Why wait for issues to occur, when you can look around the corner and plan how you will react? When you’re able to monitor things like rotor dynamics, steam conditions, seal integrity and inlet valve performance in real time, you can stay one—or ten—steps ahead in your outage planning.

Just as important, M&D can help you manage the lifecycle of your core assets, i.e. your steam turbine power generation shaftline. Monitoring leading indicators (or proactive indicators) will give you early insight into how your equipment is aging, enabling you to act at the right time and focus your attention on the areas that matter most.

For example, you can…

  • monitor chemistry and steam conditions to find out about corrosion
  • watch cyclic behavior to learn about fatigue
  • observe steam temperature levels to gain insight into creep life consumption

If any of these conditions become more prevalent , you can adapt your operation profile or plan to focus on the resulting failure modes during your next outage.

What does GE’s Monitoring & Diagnostic industrial package include?

First, and most important, 24/7 operation of our early warning analytics to detect anomalies in your plant. What makes GE’s plant monitoring and diagnostic system offering unique is that we continuously improve the analytics based on the experience with your unit, but also on the data we’re gathering from the nearly 1,000 other plants that are currently connected to our M&D system.


Direct communication is key: We offer an around-the-clock hotline and an expert engineering team to support you with advice and troubleshooting if our system detects any anomalies. We also provide a web-based dashboard where you can see real-time historical data and the status of any cases that we have opened. And with reports provided twice a year, you can always stay ahead with knowledge of long-term trends and tailored recommendations for your plant.

GE’s industrial Monitoring & Diagnostic service is available at a lower cost compared to the similar offering for the larger utility units, making it ideal for industrial customers.

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