Working closely with EDF, GE will provide nuclear turbine islands, APM monitoring software and other equipment.

The challenge

The UK has an ambitious target of achieving net zero by 2050, and EDF is in need of world-class steam turbines and upgraded monitoring systems used for its nuclear fleet to improve network communication between its plant and engineering teams, and boost operational efficiencies.

The solution

EDF identified the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant as the best place to implement the latest monitoring technology and has selected GE Steam Power to provide the latest sensors and monitoring technology using GE Digital’s Asset Performance Management (APM) software. In total, GE will supply two conventional turbine islands, which includes the Arabelle steam turbine, generator, and other critical equipment.


Driving plant uptime and reducing O&M costs

6 million homes

powered by low-carbon electricity

600 million tons

CO2 removed over 60 years

Hinkley Point C will use the largest nuclear steam turbines ever built. The Arabelle steam turbine wasted no time in setting a record. Already the largest steam turbine in operation for the past 10 years, HPC’s Arabelle turbines will be the largest ever built—longer than an Airbus 380—and capable of producing 1,770 MW each. Over the 60-year operational life of the plant, this will help to avoid 600 million tons of CO2 from being emitted—the equivalent of removing 60 million cars from the road. 

GE Steam Power will design, integrate, and supply the main components and features of the Shaft Line Monitoring System for the turbines and associated equipment, including the latest cybersecure communication protocols and connectivity for the project. The new Shaft Line Monitoring System will leverage GE Digital’s APM Health and SmartSignal software. Deployed on-premises, the software is designed to provide predictive analytics and early warnings to detect equipment failures before they occur.

Using advanced analytics and digitized processes, the software helps operators with insights drive plant uptime and reduce O&M costs.

Taking advantage of existing sensors and digital systems across critical assets, APM Health will provide updates from the steam turbines, generator, main feedwater pumps, main steam valves and other supporting equipment. SmartSignal will proactively detect anomalies, trigger predictive analytics, and give early warnings alerts to the plant operator.  

Operators will be able to supervise and monitor the overall health of the turbine and make informed decisions to ensure stable energy production directly from the APM platform, including:

  • Monitoring of the steam turbine shaft line vibrations and advanced vibration analysis
  • Monitoring of the generator with GE’s Generator Health Monitoring (GHM) system
  • Monitoring of the main feedwater pumps

The shaft line monitoring system is modular and will easily allow EDF to extend the asset coverage monitoring as well as ensure remote connection.  

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