A first-of-its-kind retrofit

The challenge

POSCO in Pohang, South Korea is one of the world’s leading steel producers. To keep pace with regional demand, POSCO’s nearly 50-year-old steam turbines needed modernizing.

The solution

Nearly doubling the turbines’ ability to generate steam for steel production, the retrofitting will enable POSCO to meet its production goals and stay competitive globally, while increasing efficiency, with long-term availability helping meet regional demand.


A new way forward

increase in process steam


The project will help our facility to increase the supply of process steam to 70 tons per hour, up from the current 40 tons per hour. The performance gains from these upgrades are significant.

Kwan-Soo Song

Group Leader of the Head Office of Finance and Investment Division of POSCO

“We are excited to modernize several Toshiba-made steam turbines to help POSCO ensure the long-term availability of their steel production plant,” said Anders Maltesen, General Manager for GE’s Steam Power business for the Asia-Pacific region. “This is a great example of how we are able to service other manufacturers’ generation equipment as a result of GE’s acquisition of Alstom Power increased focus on servicing industrial steam turbines for our customers around the world.”

The agreement will also employ hardware and software technology solutions to safeguard against unforeseen occurrences—like unplanned downtown due to a malfunction, which could impact productivity. GE is focused on environmentally safe solutions that will cross GE and other OEM fleet infrastructures, resulting in low production cost, improved reliability, and expanded capability.

The components for the turbine retrofits were delivered to the factory on February 2017, December 2017, December 2018, and December 2019. The retrofits were completed in July 2017, June 2018, June 2019, and June 2020, respectively.

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