A multiphase project to enhance performance

The challenge

As Russian industries seek to modernize existing production facilities for increased environmental and economic sustainability, ToAZ wanted to modernize two GE Fitchburg industrial steam turbines at the company’s ammonia production facility in the city of Togliatti. 

The solution

The ToAZ upgrade will replace major components needed to amplify production capacity. The multiphase project includes plans to modernize the plant’s low-pressure and high-pressure GE industrial steam turbines that drive corresponding low- and high-pressure syngas compressors in mechanical-drive mode.


A way forward


time between maintenance intervals


The upgrade of the ToAZ compression trains is a crucial step that helps boost production capacity,” said Victor Kazachkov, Chief Operations officer of CJSC Togliattiazot, the plant’s managing company. “As the original equipment supplier, GE is familiar with our operations and has the technology expertise to provide a highly effective and reliable solution that may be implemented without affecting our existing workflow.

Victor Kazachkov

Chief Operations officer of CJSC Togliattiazot

GE will supply spare turbine parts for three additional compressor trains, which helps ToAZ reduce its operational costs by doubling the length of time between maintenance intervals. 

“ToAZ’s ammonia plant offers us an excellent opportunity to showcase both the durability of GE’s industrial steam turbines as well as our capabilities to provide parts to optimize the performance,” said Pascal Schweitzer, General Manager of GE’s Steam Power business in Europe and Russia. “With this project, ToAZ will be able to boost production capacity while cutting down the operating costs.”

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