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GE and Combustion Engineering

Stable boiler operation is key to efficient, reliable, and cost-effective power generation for both utilities and industries. Back in 1999, the acquisition of Combustion Engineering (C-E) by Alstom, and then GE, added important C-E legacy technology to our portfolio, effectively complementing our boiler, steam turbine, and generator-rotating technologies. With over 100 years of experience in fuel, combustion, and other boiler technologies, we’re proud to be the OEM for C-E boiler service solutions and offer a complete steam plant portfolio.

Timeline: Evolutions in innovation

How Combustion Engineering became GE

Formed in 1914, Combustion Engineering was one of the few companies that advanced the technology of boilers for steam energy. With the acquisition of Combustion Engineering, GE Power delivers a comprehensive service offering and enhanced repair technologies for C-E boilers.

1914 Dozens of leading fuel combustion companies form Combustion Engineering Inc. (C-E).
1977 C-E purchases PC (Pollution Control) Walther, forms CE Walther, and later forms the Environmental Systems division of C-E, devoted to air quality control.
1999 ABB and Alstom merge their respective power businesses into a joint venture company known as ABB Alstom Power Ltd.
2000 Alstom purchases the ABB interest and creates Alstom S.A.
2015 GE purchases Alstom S.A. Power segments, forming GE Power.

High performance

Combustion Engineering’s boiler design

C-E boilers have a reputation for innovative design and performance. Because GE owns the legacy C-E technology, we’re the sole holders of the OEM knowledge and original C-E boiler designs. This allows us to deliver service knowledge and system parts to support efficient Combustion Engineering boiler maintenance and repairs, for utilities and industrials. Our broad portfolio means we’re fully integrated into all power plant needs.

A complete portfolio

Repair and service for Combustion Engineering boilers

We have the expertise and experience to service the main types of boiler installed around the world.

     CE Chemical Recovery Boiler
     CE VU 40 Boiler
     CE VU 60 Boiler
     Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler
     Package Boiler (Type A and VP)
     Tower Boiler
     Two Pass Boiler
     Waste to Energy (WtE) Boiler

Dominican Republic

Vintage boilers, modern performance

When sugar cane is ready for harvesting in the Dominican Republic, the country’s largest sugar producer cannot risk downtime on their vintage boilers. They rely on GE for service to increase the units’ performance and reliability. Our service agreement ensures that a dedicated engineer with intimate knowledge of the manufacturer’s unit is on-hand to maintain the equipment. These service engineers have deep expertise with the VU40 boilers with stoker firing systems, keeping them in top shape and aligned with stringent environmental requirements.

United States

Aligning legacy equipment with strict emission requirements

Equipment manufactured five decades ago often doesn’t perform up to today’s stringent environmental compliance standards. A U.S.-based raw materials mining and production company using vintage VU40 boilers was able to meet those standards, thanks to a seamless equipment upgrade. GE designed and supplied an additional separate overfire air system with a low NOx burner retrofit. Combined with a new economizer pressure part and technical service contract, the company can now operate with complete confidence that their boilers will perform well and align with strict emission requirements.


Delivering high value on boiler maintenance

Pulp and paper mills are harsh environments for processing equipment. When a major Canadian company needed help reconditioning their 40-year-old recovery boiler, GE Power was up to the task. We performed a total unit upgrade, including installing new superheater pendant platen assemblies for both high- and low-temperature superheaters, longflow economizer panels, and primary airport windbox assemblies. By packaging all upgrades and service into one project scope, we drove high value into an important project.


Ensuring pollution control

Paper mill operating equipment needs routine maintenance to stay in top performing shape. Particularly important is keeping pollution control systems in order. One of the world’s largest paper companies based in Chile reached out to GE Power for help maintaining its Electrostatic Precipitator. By delivering consistently excellent service over time, GE Power won the maintenance contract to maintain the air quality control system equipment.

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