Reliability through maintenance

Efficiency in planning and execution

We can perform a comprehensive range of overhaul and field repair services with our wealth of experience with a wide range of machine types, including impulse and reaction. These machines include 3,000 rpm and 3,600 rpm fossil and nuclear units (including half-speed, wet machines).


A worldwide maintenance network

With a global network and mobile workshops in a variety of strategic areas, we can provide quick and effective engineering maintenance services at any location. These services include manufacturing and specialist repair of any steam turbine part, from individual buckets to a new rotor.

We also provide a full range of outage planning, management, and execution activities. Unplanned work is significantly reduced, thanks to our extensive fleet-management experience. We achieve this by working with you to ensure that maintenance is properly targeted—and spare parts are always ready in the best lead time.


Rotor, blading, and casing repairs

To save cost and lead times associated with replacement parts, we offer a range of complex repair techniques for steam turbines. Many of these relate to weld repairs, as follows:

Rotor repair: With more than 80 years of welded rotor technology experience, we provide joining of new forged sections, shaft buttering, disc repair, and disc head buildup with new material. We also offer several techniques for straightening rotors.

Blading repair: With experience across the range of impulse and reaction blading, we provide dressing and weld repairs for all types of fixed and moving buckets, including linking and attachment features. For last stage buckets (LSBs), we also offer leading edge hardening and shielding options.

Casing repair: We can correct minor cracking and change the geometry of highly stressed areas of steam turbines. We can also re-round distorted casings and add new weld material.

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