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Critical Infrastructure Communications

GE critical communications networks for leading industrial and energy companies. Our industrial communications solutions include a broad range of high quality industrial wireless routers and modems, cellular 4G and LTE routers, and gateways. Additionally, we offer Optical Edge, TDM & Packet Transport to Optical CORE technologies, Power Line Carrier solutions, Teleprotection Signaling Systems, and Ethernet switches and converters. We also provide a suite of professional services, training, and accessories.

GE’s Critical Infrastructure Communications solutions deliver comprehensive networks that are designed to be secure, flexible, and tailored to meet customers’ objectives and unique geographic requirements. GE supplies critical infrastructure communications critical infrastructure communications, with a focus on energyoil and gas, mining, water/wastewater,  and transportation.

Industrial Wireless Industrial Wireless
MDS is an end-to-end industrial wireless communications provider enabling secure wireless networks from cellular LTE to a broad range of licensed & unlicensed spectrum solutions.
Industrial Wireless
Hardened Optical Networks Hardened Optical Networks
Rugged telecommunications solutions provide T1/E1, SONET/SDH, MPLS (IP & TP), and Optical Transport Networking standards for transmission across Access, Aggregation and CORE networks.
Hardened Optical Networks
Teleprotection Signaling Systems Teleprotection Signaling Systems
GE's Teleprotection Signaling System provides IEC 61860 teleprotection for transmission and distribution grids.
Teleprotection Signaling Systems
Ethernet Switches & Converters Ethernet Switches, Converters, Time Synchronization
GE's family of secure and reliable switches, converters, and time synchronization devices. 
Ethernet Switches & Converters
Broadband Power Line Solutions Power Line Carrier
Universal PLC technology for building reliable and cost-effective networks using existing Power Lines.
Broadband Power Line Solutions
 Network Management Systems Network Management Systems
GE's enhanced network management systems simplify the management and monitoring of Cirticial Industrial Communications products.
Professional Services
Professional Services Professional Services
Our range of services can be tailored to include a fully engineered, deployed, and supported system to meet application specific needs.
Professional Services