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Maximize transmission system reliability and efficiency

As power systems become increasingly interconnected and complex, utilities need solutions that optimize energy transmission and management while improving reliability.

Solutions & Services for Power Transmission

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  • Intelligent Digital Substations

    Digital substation solutions for switchyard monitoring and digitization, protection, and situational awareness.

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  • Advanced Protection and Control Solutions

    Learn more on GE’s Multillin Universal Relay Platform and customer benefits.

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  • STATCOM for utility applications

    How STATCOM can solve dynamic grid problems.

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  • High Voltage Capacitors

    Learn how to size and apply High Voltage Capacitors to improve power quality capacity and reliability.

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  • Substation Automation

    Learn about GE’s new generation of products contributing to wider control, enhanced safety and security.

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  • Digital Services for Electrical Substations

    Monitor electrical asset data and optimize reliability, lifetime and cost.

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  • FACTS / Series Compensation

    Enable more power over the same line, increasing reliability and life-time.

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  • Why go Digital? Discover the benefits of substation digitization

    Evolving from conventional to intelligent digital substations.

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  • Modernizing the Grid Control Room

    From reaction to pro-action: modernizing the grid control room.

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  • SF6-free 420kV Gas-insulated Line

    National Grid energized the Southeast England network without SF6.

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