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Configure a FT Switch
Configure a FT Switch
SB-1 Control & Transfer Switch
SB-1 switch
Type SB-1 Switches are rotary, cam-operated devices for the control of electrically operated circuit breakers, small motors, magnetic switches and similar devices. Another important use is for the transfer of current and potential for meters, instruments, and relays. Also, there are many general control applications for which this switch can be used.

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SB-9 Master Control Switch
SB-9 switch
The SB-9 master control switches are recommended for applications requiring a large number of repetitive operations with positive positioning on each operation.

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SB-10 Control & Transfer Switch
SB-10 switch
The SB-10 switch provides two electrically separate and mechanically independent switches in one device. It utilizes both lateral and rotary contacts all constructed on the same switch.

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SBM Control & Transfer Switch
SBM switch
The SBM switch is a rotary cam-operated device for panel mounting only and for applications where space is at a premium.

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Series 95 Control Switches
Series 95 switch
Heavy industrial construction
Rotary / Double wiping knife blade design
600 VAC, 30 amp continuous
Available with illuminated nameplates
Coil monitoring and SCADA ready
UL / cUL recognized
Typically used in low & medium voltage switchgear, MCC’s, and relay and control panels as breaker control, voltmeter & ammeter selector, motor control, synchroscope control, and other selector switches  

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Series FT Test Switches
Final test switch
An industry standard for CT & VT isolation
for instrument transformer and connected device testing.
Up to 10 poles;  Numerous configurations available
Typically mounted on switchgear and relay panels
10 pole test plug available;  UL and cUL recognized.
Rated 600 volts and 30 amps continuous

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Series RT Test Switches
RT switch
Up to three Series FT switches can be
assembled on various size 19” wide panels. 
One piece clear cover standard
Panels available in choice of colors and materials
Typically rack mounted in relay panels
UL & cUL recognized

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PK-2 Test Blocks & Plugs
PK-2 test block
Type PK-2 test blocks are essentially 4-pole and 6-pole jacks, provided with molded Textolite covers that have internal plug contacts, which make a through connection when the cover is in place. The contacts in the blocks are of the line-pressure type and provide positive contact with minimum contact resistance.

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PMTB 14 IEC Test Block & Plugs
14 pole PMTB test block
The 14 pole PMTB 14 IEC Test Block & plug assembly enables testing personnel to isolate protection relays and other secondary devices from voltage and current sources to allow functional testing of equipment without interruption of service. One common test block and four different test plugs round out the product offering.

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SMTB4 IEC Test Blocks & Plugs
SMTB4 test plug
The 4-pole SMTB4 IEC Test Block & Plug is a compact alternative to the PMTB 14. Test blocks are available for current (MBB) and voltage (BBM & MBB) circuits and are color coded to prevent inadvertent mixing of test circuits. Mounting provisions include surface, semi-flush, flush and DIN rail. Wiring provisions for clamp type, ring tongue, and quick connect terminations are available. Current type test plugs can be provided with internal shorting links on the incoming CT side. Test plugs and blocks are keyed to prevent incorrect alignment of incoming and outgoing connections.

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