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Multilin 369 - Legacy
Integrated protection and control for medium sized AC motors
369 motor protection image
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Manufacturing for the 369 has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to 859.

Designed for medium voltage motors, the 369 delivers simple setup configuration through the use of the Motor Settings Auto-Configurator, advanced graphical diagnostics with the Motor Health Report, comprehensive communications with multiple communication options and complete traceability of all setting changes with the Security Setting Change History Report, providing unparalleled motor protection for medium sized AC motors.

Key Benefits
  • Enhanced Thermal Model
  • Complete Asset monitoring
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Reduce troubleshooting time and maintenance costs
  • Multiple communication protocols
  • Simplified programming with the EnerVista™ 369 Motor Settings Auto-Configurator
  • Optional Conformal coating
  • Field upgradeable settings and firmware
  • Suitable for hazardous locations
  • Installation flexibility
  • Safe and reliable motor re-start on “Down Hole” pump applications
  • User definable parameters and data size for DeviceNet polling
  • User definable parameters and data size for Profibus DPV1 cyclic data
  • Motor learned data on historical start characteristics
  • Protection and control for medium sized AC motors
  • “Down Hole” pump applications
  • Suitable for applications involving Variable Frequency Drives
  • Two Speed motor application

protection & controlmonitoring & meteringcommunicationssoftwareDrawout

  Key Features    
  • Enhanced thermal model
  • Stall / Jam protection
  • Undervoltage, overvoltage
  • Underfrequency
  • Thermal overload
  • Undercurrent/current unbalance
  • Variable lockout time
  • Overtemperature 12 RTDs (R option)
  • Starts/hour, time between starts
  • Voltage Phase Reversal (M option)
  • Current based phase reversal
  • Undervoltage Auto-restart
  Protection & Control
  The 369 is a digital motor protection system designed to protect and manage medium sized AC motors and their driven equipment. It contains a full range of selectively enabled, self contained protection and control elements as detailed in the Functional Block Diagram and Features table.
369 Block Diagram
  Key Features
  • Metering - current, voltage, power, energy, frequency, RTD Temperature, Remote RTD
  • Fault diagnosis, - Event Record, Oscillography, Motor Starting Data Logger
  • Motor Health Report
  • Statistical information & learned motor data
  • Voltage/frequency/power display (M option)
  • 4 analog outputs (M option)
  Monitoring & Metering
The 369 offers a choice of optional monitoring and metering functions including:
  • Actual Values
  • Metering (Option M)
  • Pre-Trip Alarms
  • Event Recorder
  • Oscillography
  • Statistical Data
  • Learned Information
  • Motor Start Data Logger
  • Testing
  Motor Staring learned information Track changes in motor starting characteristics, identifying potential failures before they become critical Motor start data logger Troubleshoot faults that occur during motor starts using the Motor Start Data logger.  
 369 motor start/stop and security/change histroy reports
  Key Features
  • Front Panel RS232 port for programming and troubleshooting
  • Optional embedded Ethernet port
  • Optional Profibus DP/DPV1 or DeviceNet via dedicated port
  • Multiple Protocols - Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP
A front RS232 port is provided for downloading setpoints and interrogating the relay using the EnerVista™ 369.
Three independent rear RS485 ports offer the customer flexibility and performance for their communication network. The 369 can
communicate at baud rates up to 19,200 bps using the industry standard Modbus® RTU protocol. Fiber optic (option F) Profibus interface
(option P), DeviceNet (option D), and Ethernet (option E) ports are also available. The optional direct connect RJ45 Ethernet port
can be used to connect the 369 to 10 Mbps Ethernet networks. The communication system of the 369 is designed to allow simultaneous
communication via all ports.

Using Ethernet as the physical media to integrate the 369 to Local or Wide Area Networks replaces a multipoint wired
network (e.g., serial Modbus®), and eliminates expensive leased or dial-up connections, reducing operating costs.
  Front Panel
369 Front panel
40 Character LCD display for viewing actual values and programming setpoints
Rugged, corrosion and flame retardant case
Status Indicators
4 LEDs indicate when an output is activated
Motor Status Indicators
LEDs indicated if motor Stopped, Starting, Running, Overloaded or Locked out due to an active Satart Inhibit element
Used to display actual values, causes of alarms, causes of trips, fault diagnosis information, and to program setpoints
Computer Interface
RS232 comm part for connecting to a PC, Use for downloading setpoints, monitoring, data collection & printing reports
  EnerVista™ Software
The EnerVista™ Suite is an industry leading set of software programs that will simplify every aspect of using the 369 relay. Tools to monitor the status of the motor, maintain the relay, and integrate information measured by the 369 into HMI or SCADA monitoring systems are available. Also provided are the utilities to analyze the cause of faults and system disturbances using the powerful waveform and Sequence of Event viewers that come with the EnerVista™ 369 Setup Software that is included with each relay. Learn More

Motor Settings Auto-Configurator

Automatically generate a complete settings file, eliminating the need to manually program hundreds of individual protection settings.

Motor Settings Auto-Configurator
  Key Features    
  • Seamless upgrade for existing Drawout Multilin 269 Motor Management Relays
  • Reduce system downtime utilizing the existing Multilin 269 Motor Management Relay drawout chassis
  • Reduce maintenance & operational costs - eliminates the need for mounting kits, re-work to existing cutouts and re-wiring of the chassis
  • Upgrade with ease using automated setting file conversion tool
  • Take advantage of newer, more advanced hardware and feature set
369 open front