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Customers rely on our experience and deep portfolio of customizable ITI instrument transformers and complete line of control & test switches to address their challenges.
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Generators provide power for the entire electrical grid. ITI transformers allow for efficient monitoring and measurement of HV power equipment feeding into the power grid.

Transmission & Distribution

Reliable sensing is required across the transmission and distribution system for critical asset protection and revenue measurement. Durable GE transformers help utilities deliver uninterrupted service.

Commercial & Industrial

OEM products are used to provide service to a variety of commercial and industrial end users. ITI provides a wide range of efficient OEM solutions allowing for dependable, safe power delivery.

Generator Transformer Transmission Line Bus Distribution Feeder
  • High Voltage Power Equipment

    ITI’s current transformers provide reliable and accurate input for the protection, control and monitoring of generation and transmission assets such as power transformers, high voltage circuit breakers, and large generators.

    Applications for high voltage power equipment include:

    • Generator CT’s
    • Power Transformer Bushing CT’s
    • High Voltage Breaker CT’s

    View Bushing CT's



    GE’s HV Power Equipment


  • High Voltage & Medium Voltage Substation

    Current and Voltage Transformers

    GE’s SUPERBUTE inductive voltage transformers and current transformers are substation-class rated and provide reliable performance to distribution, sub-transmission and transmission level substations. These durable, long-lasting units provide the reliable input needed to ensure the required protection, monitoring, control and revenue metering is provided, even through the harshest conditions.

    View Bushing CT's


    GE’s HV Power Equipment


  • Medium Voltage Distribution Equipment

    GE voltage transformers provide control power and isolation for efficient power distribution and reduced system outages while ensuring operator and general public safety.

    Application includes control power and voltage sensing for:

    • Reclosers
    • Capacitor Banks
    • SCADA Equipment
    • Other distribution automation equipment

    View outdoor voltage transformers


    GE’s MV Distribution Equipment



    Medium Voltage & Low Voltage Metering

    ITI provides voltage transformers and current transformers rated for standard and high accuracy primary and secondary revenue metering, with a wide range of designs from 600V to 69kV.

    Stand-alone CT’s and VT’s for applications including:

    • Substation Metering
    • Primary Metering Cabinets
    • Overhead Primary Metering Assemblies
    • Secondary Metering

    View LV utility solutions View MV utility solutions


    GE also offers pre-assembled, pre-wired Primary Metering Assemblies as a complete package.

    View primary metering assemblies


    GE’s MV LV Metering


    Medium Voltage & Low Voltage Industrial

    With more than 30,000 parts and the ability to custom design, ITI offers a flexible portfolio of CT’s and PT’s made for OEM manufactured equipment such as LV and MV switchgear, motor control cabinets and more for use at industrial and commercial end-users of any size.

    Low Voltage (600V)

    View Industrial / OEM Low Voltage CT View Industrial / OEM Low Voltage VT

    Medium Voltage (5-35kV)

    View Industrial / OEM Medium Voltage CT View Industrial / OEM Medium Voltage VT

    Switches & Power Control Components

    View Switches

    View Power Control Componenets

    Control Power Transformers

    View Control Power Transformers



    GE MV LV Switchgear