Increasing output by over 20%

The challenge

With Turkey’s electricity generating capacity expected to grow more than 60% by 2023 to meet increasing demand, GE had an opportunity to replace, upgrade and modernize many of the country’s power plant equipment.

The solution

GE is helping Bereket Enerji support Turkey's swelling energy demand with upgrades to cross-fleet equipment like Zamech steam turbines, not to mention replacements for Dolmel generators and static excitation systems. 


Modernized for longer life

15 years

added to facility life

increase in annual operating hours

increase in output


With Turkey's energy demands continuing to grow, we are pleased to work with GE to increase our output and long-term reliability.

Ali Yağli

Co-owner and Co-founder of Bereket Group

This modernization project is being implemented during a previously planned outage and will deliver significant operational improvements for Bereket Energi—including an increase in component availability by 28%, extending the facility's operating life by an additional 15 years. Combined, this will increase output by more than 20%. 

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