Improving technical performance in older plants

The challenge

The Kriel power plant was not operating reliably to support demand, leaving 3 million households off the national grid, impacting business operations. An aging fleet and lack of plant maintenance had contributed to a steady decline in generating capacity. As part of Eskom’s maintenance program set out to improve the technical performance of old plants, improving Kriel’s performance was critical.

The solution

GE’s scope was to design, manufacture, and replace the station’s 40-year-old stator core. This was a first-of-its-kind complex modification project in the region and an important project for the station in bringing back Unit 2 to full service. 



year increase in plant life

3 million

Households back on national grid

Weighing in at over 200 tons, the stator core is at the heart of power generation. Once installed, the generator would play an integral part in reducing downtime, improving operating hours and extending the lifetime of the power plant by up to 25 years.

With a total capacity of 3,000 MW, the station’s six generators were originally built in 1971 by the Boveri Company and are one of many legacy brands that we support in our services business.

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