Quality replacements

OEM and legacy brand parts

For original and custom-designed air quality control system components such as electrostatic precipitators (ESP), fabric filters (FF), and dry and wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD), GE supplies a wide range of replacement parts and control systems. Our (OEM) knowledge and experience enables us to integrate high-quality and innovative components across the entire AQCS system.


A dependable supply chain

With our responsive and competitive spare parts management, you can benefit from our quick distribution, spare parts pooling, and inventory programs. Based on more than 100 years of experience, GE’s global supply chain responds to stringent requirements.

The benefits of using GE’s AQCS spare parts include:

  • Many years of operational experience with lifecycle cost models and enhanced components (ESP, FF, and wet and dry FGD)
  • Dedicated research and development that delivers new technologies with increased performance
  • Ability to build an appropriate and reactive supply chain for speed and cost savings
  • Global sourcing with stringent quality requirements
Delivering a range of AQCS components

GE can deliver the following types of AQCS components

Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) spare parts

  • Collecting electrode
  • Collecting rapping system
  • Emitting rapping system
  • Emitting electrode
  • Insulators
  • Dust discharge system
  • Solutions for replacements/life extension

Fabric filter (FF) parts

  • Filter bags and cages
  • Other equipment for upgrades/life extension

Wet flue gas desulfurization (WFGD) components

  • SulfiTrac sulfite analyzer
  • Tray
  • Enhancement plate (EP)
  • Spray headers
  • Spray nozzles
  • Mist eliminators
  • Wall rings/performance enhancing plates (PEP)
  • Pumps and valves
  • Reagent preparation
  • Oxidation air blower
  • Solutions for replacements/life extension

Dry flue gas desulfurization (DFGD/SDA) parts

  • Reagent preparation
  • Flexible shaft atomizer
  • Replacements/life extensions

New integrated desulfurization (DFGD/NID) parts

  • Dust discharge system (Hopper)
  • Reagent preparation
  • Replacements/life extensions
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