AQCS diagnostics

Solutions for electrostatic precipitators (ESP)

As a one-stop shop, GE Steam Power will work with you to conduct a thorough evaluation of your plant’s technical and economic conditions, helping you select the right AQCS upgrade—either mechanical, electrical, or a combination of both.


Benefits of ESP upgrades include:

  • Lifetime extension from improved parts
  • Emission reduction from control systems upgrade and improved gas flow distribution
Reducing operating costs

Solutions for Fabric Filters (FF)

Because they feature higher removal efficiencies, fabric filter (FF) upgrades can help achieve even greater reductions in particulate matter emissions while continuing to maintain power plant performance and availability over the entire lifecycle. With an FF upgrade, customers can also reduce operating costs with a quick return on investment.


Benefits of GE’s FF solutions:

  • Longer bag life
  • Lower emissions
  • Controlled absorbent consumption
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