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Stator rewind services


Generator stator heritage and expertise

Our stator rewind services are standardized based on our deep generator heritage. Stator rewind services are a package of four modules: measurement, engineering, bar manufacturing, and on site rewind. Our proprietary processes and tools have been developed for quick, flexible execution across the value chain, with a focus on quality control at every stage.


Stator rewind customer outcomes

  • Proven and reliable technologies and processes, applicable to both OEM and legacy brand generators
  • Regional capabilities for faster mobilization supported by global expertise      
  • On site stator rewind integrated into a major turbine outage for minimal operational disruption

Generator stator rewind features

  • Stainless steel stator bars for large liquid-cooled rewinds
    • Stainless cooling tubes
    • Tig weld connections between steel tubes and the water chamber
    • Mechanical bolted connections between the stator bars and Teflon hoses
  • Stator slot wedging technologies used and proven for decades across the 25 – 1,300 MW range of generators
  • Digital applications help integrate processes from measurement onsite to field service execution

Stator rewind benefits

  • Braze-free stator bar hydraulic circuit reduces the possibility of water leaks due to crevice corrosion
  • Pre-assembled end winding basket reduces installation cycle time
  • Provide you with the Option to re-use existing winding basket (contingent upon the material status, and applicable to legacy GE generators)
  • Stainless steel technology that is less sensitive to cooling water chemistry (oxygen content, Ph) and variations in chemistry

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Steam Power generator fast stator rewind

Steam Power offers a range of availability and performance-boosting solutions, covering all cooling technologies and all generator sizes.

A flexible offering for workshop and onsite applications

Rotor rewinds for Steam Power and legacy brand generator rotors


The strength of a flexible offering

Experience shows that typical operating incidents have the greatest impact on the field, which means the rotor is often the generator component requiring the most maintenance.

Whether the work you need is executed in a dedicated Steam Power Generator Repair Shop or on site, we can deliver a number of field rewind options to fit your needs.

With on-site rewinds you can benefit from reduced costs and faster return to service.

For extended rewind scopes, you can rely on our repair shops equipped with high speed balancing pits.

Generator rewind

Topack* T229-320 —105 MW—66 slots

Unit commissioned in 1993

  • Forced outage due to stator earth fault led to an emergency repair (partial rewind)
  • Slot discharges identified on two sister units
  • The customer ordered stator rewinds on these two units


  • Bar manufacturing
  • Site execution
  • Phase rings re-insulation


28 days outage time “gear to gear” including additional scope

  • 19 days rewind time including final standard tests and options
  • Replacement of all bars with GE’s MICAREX insulation technology
  • Lateral wedging by round packing
  • Radial wedging with ripple springs
  • Reuse of old end winding supports
  • Phase rings re-insulation 


  • Lifetime extension
  • Update original configuration to increase availability
  • Improved onsite processes to ensure shortest down time of both units





Topair * 50WY21Z-092LLT —210 MVA

Unit commissioned in 1994 / GVPI

Customer suffered slot discharges

  • Stator was suffering the problem of slot discharges
  • 1998: DVV injection was performed
  • 2001: stator suffered an earth fault, which was repaired with 3 top bar replacement


  •  GVPI bars extraction
  •  ewind with new bars
  • Fast turnaround with high quality


30-days rewind time including 10-day bar removal

  • Replacement of all bars with GE’s MICAREX technology
  • Lateral wedging with round packing
  • Radial wedging with ripple springs
  • Reuse of old end winding supports and phase rings
  • Dedicated tooling and processes for GVPI stator rewinds




bar removal


Large liquid-cooled generator operating in a coal power plant


The rewind team were excellent in executing their duties, we lost time  at the beginning of the project and they recovered significant amount of that time with no serious safety incident

High oil contamination created excess looseness, movement, and friction on the bars, which resulted in a gas into water leak on a bottom bar.

Project scope

  • Supply rewind kit including stainless steel bars, cones, wedging system, phase ring, flux shields, temperature / vibration system, new water manifold

Customer benefits

  • On-site rewind completed in 38 days
  • Improved reliability and availability of the unit while extending its life

The use of the rewind kit available at the plant was an important factor for the quick recovery of the unit and illustrates the importance of having a full spare kit available.




Rapid rotor rewind of a Topack T214-234

Customer suffered electrical fault in service

  • Third party performed internal inspection, removed retaining rings, repaired and re-installed rotor
  • Shortly after re-commissioning the rotor developed an electrical fault again
  • Customer decided to rewind the rotor


  • Rewind with existing copper
  • Renewal of interturn, slot wall and retaining ring insulation
  • Fast turnaround with high quality required


18-day, rapid rotor rewind

  • Carried out at qualified local third-party workshop
  • Renewal of all critical insulation components with latest technology
  • 18-day duration inclusive of rotor low speed balancing


  • Plant fully operational 21 days after rewind start
  • Electrical fault successfully corrected
  • ISO requirements for vibration achieved





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