Field services

Increasing the reliability and availability of your generator


A global field-services powerhouse

Our field services expert team has deep technical knowledge and cutting-edge tools to help deliver the outcomes you need. Our technical field advisors, craft personnel, and on-site services teams are highly regarded across the industry for their ability to create customized solutions to virtually any power generation challenge, when and where you need it.

Field services will deliver:

  • More productive, reliable outcomes
  • Greater communication and collaboration with you and within our team
  • One team of technical field advisors, craft personnel, and other field services experts
  • Standardized processes and consistency in field service methods and practices
  • Operational excellence in all we do

Onsite generator repairs

With Steam Power as your services provider, you will benefit from a wide range of onsite repair solutions that will help reduce maintenance costs and duration and increase the reliability and availability of your generator.

  • APLETEC®: Stator water box leakage repair
    Seal leaking water boxes caused by exposed coating by disconnecting only the hydraulic hoses. Reduce outage duration and cost by avoiding bar removal.
  • Metal spraying: On-site rotor repair
    Sprayed metal repairs rotor seal oil journals, which reduces friction between the rotor shaft and oil seal rings to reduce cost of maintenance.
  • On-site stator core repair
    A prosthesis as an alternate technology to partial core ends restacking which will save several weeks on your outage while reducing your operating costs.

  • On-site stator winding bar re-insulation or replacement
    An alternative repair to full generator rewinds, returning faster to service your generators.
  • CUPROPLEXTM On-site cleaning of stator bars copper hollow conductors 
    Fast, flexible and safe unplugging of hollow conductors by removing copper oxides built up overtime. An alternative repair to other cleaning methods attacking base copper.

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Generator workshop repairs

We're equipped and ready to handle all generator repairs that couldn't be carried out on site.

Sometimes your generator maintenance might include heavier repairs in a more secure environment. We are always working on continuous improvements to our workshops, and our facilities are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to bring your generator back to full, normal operation.

We are well-positioned to deliver repair services where and when you need them, with continuous investment in the development of local resources. With our global presence, we have mastered the logistics needed to maintain reliable supply chains, coordinate resources and comply with regional regulations.

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