Reduce your risk exposure

Keep the power on and production rolling

Regardless of how industrial control systems (ICS) are connected to the Internet, or are air-gapped, malicious attacks are on the rise. Avoid attacks and recover faster from unplanned downtime with a robust GE cybersecurity plan.


Help to ensure compliance

Meet standards and regulations

GE’s cyber solutions are designed to meet all major global and local cyber standards and regulations.


Complementary defense layers

GE follows a holistic multi-layer protection concept to provide plants with better all-around, in-depth security. We safeguard your assets with defensive  mechanisms on multiple levels to reduce the risk exposure if individual protection layers fail. 



Our strategy

A flexible, end-to-end cyber offering

Because the threat landscape is constantly changing and evolving, our industrial cybersecurity solutions are designed and updated with a continuous improvement mindset. We recommend starting with a risk assessment and repeat assessments on an ongoing basis to adjust your protection strategy with the most effective solutions according to your risk appetite. 

We can support your cybersecurity journey from scratch, or provide individual services integrated into your existing OT & IT cyber response plan. Our solutions are divided into three main stages—Assess, Protect, and Respond & Recover—and can be purchased as integrated or as standalone solutions.

Discover how our holistic approach to cybersecurity can help you assess, protect and respond to the threats to your plant’s infrastructure.

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In cooperation with our partner Thales, we’ve analyzed in depth the cyber hazards of the energy sector. Download our threat report to learn more.

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Webinars on-demand

With our partner Thales and their threat intelligence team, we detect and analyze cyberattacks and/or incidents in the energy sector. Below you can watch our most recent webinars on current threats and attack vectors facing the energy sector. Follow us on LinkedIn for more on-demand webinars and updates on upcoming live webinars.


An overview of the threats to the energy sector

Industrial control systems are providing new ways for hackers to gain access to power stations as more and more new vulnerabilities are disclosed. The energy sector is a famous target for hackers to seek financial gains and engage in sabotage or espionage. During this webinar you will get an overview of the cyber threat landscape of the energy sector. Who are the attackers? What is their motivation? Which methodologies do they use?


A deep dive into the 2019 Kudankulam nuclear power plant attack

Attacking a nuclear power plant can lead to tremendous impacts, going far beyond disrupting operational continuity. During this webinar you will get an insight into the nuclear cyber threat landscape. By leveraging the concrete example of the 2019 Kudankulam attack in India, we demonstrate that an airgap (the power plant NOT connected to the internet) won’t necessarily protect it from being hacked. 

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