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GE Steam Power and Thales Group collaborate on cybersecurity suite

An agreement for cybersecurity

Did you know that the power industry is one of the most vulnerable to cyberattacks? GE Steam Power has a portfolio of cybersecurity-threat intelligence services to help protect customers from hackers. We’re now strengthening these offers through an agreement with the Thales Group—a leader in cybersecurity and data protection.

Complementary intelligence

The collaboration blends Thales’ cybersecurity expertise in IT and OT with GE’s in-depth experience in the power industry to provide threat intelligence, specialized monitoring/training, and a broader suite of cyber solutions to help customers avoid and address cyber risks.

GE and Thales have published a joint cyber-threat intelligence report that provides a comprehensive analysis of known threats to industrial security systems in the energy sector. The report examines the four main types of cyberattacks in detail and includes use cases that will allow customers to envision and prepare for all types of cyberthreats.


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You can read more about GE Steam Power’s cybersecurity offerings, and learn more about the Thales Group here.

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