Continuous monitoring

Boiler control optimization software

BoilerOpt combustion

BoilerOpt is GE’s boiler combustion software solution that helps make the most of your steam power plant boiler performance, inproving unit availability, efficiency and emissions. BoilerOpt combustion achieves real-time fuel and air mixing to reduce NOx, better control CO2 and reduce dry gas heat loss, which in turn improves efficiency and emissions.

BoilerOpt soot cleaning

BoilerOpt soot cleaning provides real-time optimization of soot blowing activity to improve efficiency and availability by eliminating boiler under and over cleaning based on actual heat transfer occurring in the furnace and back pass.

Digital Boiler +

Digital Boiler + (DB+) features specialized sensors and advanced digital control to extend boiler turndown, lower NOx emissions, and improve boiler efficiency. DB+ manipulates in the combustion zone the fuel-air distribution by biases auxiliary dampers.



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