Proactive support

Monitoring and diagnostics when and how you need them

GE’s Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic (M&D) support allows your workforce to turn reactive maintenance into proactive action. Experienced GE engineers at our M&D center are available through a technical support line to collaborate with your staff to get equipment back online as quickly as possible. This support helps you improve the availability and longevity of your steam turbine, generators, and boiler equipment.


Remote monitoring key technology features

  • Measurements of plant core assets are collected by on-premise gateway and transferred to GE’s M&D server for in depth analysis by advanced early warning analytics.
  • M&D service is based on standard instrumentation, no additional sensors are required.
  • Data transfer to GE’s monitoring and diagnostic center follows state-of-the-art cybersecurity standards.
  • Continuous data processing and analysis through advanced analytics and digital twin models for main assets.
  • Early warning provided by experienced M&D engineers with recommendations and technical assessment provided for plant operators and engineers.
  • M&D engineers available 24/7/365 through our support line to help with troubleshooting and making the right decision in case of unexpected events, failures and trips.
  • Periodic reports by engineering experts, leveraging fleet knowledge and data from continuous monitoring, helps improve maintenance planning.

Customization based on your needs and options

The standard monitoring and diagnostics offering can be adapted to your needs. Possible options include:

  • One-off analysis of data dump in cases where a continuous data stream is not feasible.
  • Onsite evaluation by GE engineers with the unit online can be provided as an addition to the M&D service.
  • Additional specialized monitoring modules, such as generator health monitoring, can be integrated into the M&D process.
  • M&D results can be used as a first step to predictive maintenance with the GE Risk-based Inspection (RBI) program.


  • ​​Risk mitigation and reduction of unplanned outage costs

  • Improved budget management enabled through fast and effective data driven decisions

  • Reduced outage cost through improved planning based on predictive maintenance analysis

  • Improved asset lifecycle management through enhanced asset remaining life  

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