Expertise for steam turbine downtime and cost reduction

Industrial manufacturers are under increasing pressure to achieve high production volume at lower costs, all while operating their steam turbines more efficiently and in compliance with current emission guidelines. GE maps out a repair and maintenance schedule, and ultimately enables plant operators to reduce and strategically schedule their future outages.


Keeping up and running

Reducing turbine downtime

When a production line goes down because of an unplanned steam turbine outage, the cost to the business can be significant—even millions—in lost revenue, slower production and energy expenses. What if you could not only avoid unnecessary outages, but also plan the necessary ones? For most customers, having a TEAMS inspection every year not only provided ongoing steam turbine monitoring, it extended their scheduled outage cycle from five to seven years.


Seeing around corners

Planning ahead

Even when you know what parts you need, they may not be available right away. Our TEAMS engineers have the expertise to spot potential problems that might otherwise go unnoticed and will work with you to put together a preventative steam turbine maintenance plan to keep your plant running smoothly and reliably for years to come. That plan will include pre-ordered parts, which will result in shorter outages. With a plan in place, you can rest assured that when it’s time for maintenance and repairs of your steam turbine, the parts—and your GE engineer—will be there.


Solutions tailored to you

Customization and competitiveness

It’s more important than ever to have the latest technology to ensure that your plant runs efficiently. Your TEAMS contacts will evaluate your equipment operating needs and develop a customized steam turbine maintenance solution that may include modernization of equipment and parts, which will help your system run more efficiently—and longer. In this competitive market, even small efficiency gains can translate to a more competitive and profitable business.

The GE advantage

No one knows your plant like you do. And no one knows your steam turbine generators like our dedicated team of TEAMS engineers. With the tools and technology needed for industrial steam turbine inspections, and experienced engineers across the country, we can get to your facility quickly and ready to work—whether you need something repaired immediately, or are just looking for an initial steam turbine performance evaluation.

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The choice is yours

It all starts with an inspection

The TEAMS program includes three tiers of service—Lite, Base, and Max—and each one starts with a steam turbine condition assessment. During the initial kickoff meeting, a GE engineer will evaluate your steam turbine generator’s performance, pull together a data report, and recommend the type of inspection best suited for your needs.

Depending on which option you choose, the steam turbine inspection procedure will take 1-3 days. But that’s not the end of the story. GE is dedicated to serving as a long-term provider for you and your plant, with an ongoing collaboration that includes turbine maintenance, parts, and scheduled outage planning.

There is no requirement to move beyond the initial turbine assessment, but there is a substantial discount for a long-term service agreement and countless benefits for ongoing steam turbine condition monitoring. We care about your performance and profitability, and want to work with you over your plant’s entire lifecycle.



What customers are saying

“The real value of TEAMS is that outside set of eyes to look at the unit and find issues that can impact reliability such as pins coming out, lock nuts missing and other things, as well as understand how the unit should be operating, not just analyze graphs.”

-Corporate turbine technology leader at a major paper company



What customers are saying

“TEAMS proved critical in several instances involving risk-based analysis and decision making, preferred business insurance premiums, and comprehensive major outage planning.”

-Reliability Engineer for a major paper company

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