Turning spare parts into upgrades

With the application of the latest validated tools and over 120 years of experience, we can manufacture and supply spare parts for industrial turbines with improved features and materials for better performance.

Our OEM quality process

Our pre-defined spare parts catalog for standard spares ensure that parts are delivered to your site whenever needed. 

GE provides for its many legacy machines and even improve upon them. We provide the full range of industrial steam turbine spare parts, from generic fasteners to large strategic spares, and are constantly pursuing an efficient supply chain with increasing local content.

GE offers:

  • Bladed/unbladed rotors
  • Casings, gland housings
  • Blades, diaphragms, gland segments
  • Bearings
  • Valve internals and actuators
  • Control system modular spares
  • Fasteners
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Filters
  • Consumables
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Drawing on our advanced service solutions, GE’s full range of service help to better the overall performance of your existing steam turbine portfolio.

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Just-in-time spare parts

GE’s services contribute to overall unit profitability in terms of availability and reliability, as spare industrial steam turbine parts are manufactured and delivered only if and when they are required. Building on its experience, GE has developed a seamless process which integrates its capabilities in turbine assessment, engineering, supply chain management and field service. Starting with the condition assessment of the turbine components, parts are earmarked for replacement, refurbishment, or continued use.

The ability to provide just-in-time spare parts and materials for industrial turbines during a major outage avoids the need for consistent investment. It also keeps flexibility with your maintenance budget and reduces warehouse costs as only the parts technically required can be ordered. Additionally, procurement and installation of spare parts like rotors, blades, gaskets, filters, and others during a major outage keeps your plant availability high allowing better outage planning.

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