Time-tested field services

With best practices and time-saving proprietary tools for disassembly and assembly of industrial steam turbines, GE plans carefully to reduce downtime during outages and ensure on-time completion with the highest quality results. Our first commitment is to the EHS practices, and thanks to standardized training and processes you’ll enjoy the same GE quality irrespective of your plant location.

EHS practices and more

Our industrial steam turbine field and maintenance services include installation, test procedures, assembly procedures, overhaul, and commissioning.

GE offers:

  • Industrial steam turbine maintenance services, e.g. minor and major overhauls
  • Erection and commissioning of industrial steam turbines
  • Removal and installation of industrial steam turbines
  • Condition assessment and non-destructive testing
  • Site repairs
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Drawing on our advanced service solutions, GE’s full range of service help to better the overall performance of your existing steam turbine portfolio.

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Fact sheets

Forced-air cooling

GE offers an innovative forced-air cooling system for GE industrial turbines, able to improve availability of the unit by reducing the outage duration.

  • Improvement of overall unit profitability
  • Reduced outage duration
  • Fully mobile solution
  • Scalable to volumetric cooling flow requirements

Steam turbine field services: Inspections, overhauls and installation

Our field services team provides outage planning, management, and execution activities, combining fleet experience for quick and efficient outages for all types of steam turbines.

  • Extensive fleet experience
  • Global service network
  • Mobile workshops
  • Proven repair solutions
  • Extendable scope

TEAMS program fact sheet

The TEAMS program detects existing and developing problems in aging equipment, identifies their probable causes and determines corrective or preventive actions to help ensure reliable, efficient operation and cost-effective in-service and scheduled outage maintenance of your steam turbine generator. The program includes:

  • Equipment analysis
  • Baseline data
  • Periodic TEAMS inspections
  • Condition-based maintenance plan
  • Shutdown and startup surveillance

TEAMS inspections fact sheet

Regular steam turbine generator inspections can identify component degradation and areas where efficiency, reliability and availability can be improved. TEAMS inspection plans can include:

  • Initial checkup
  • Lite inspection
  • Base inspection
  • Max inspection
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