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GE Vernova: Leading A New Era of Energy

Addressing the climate crisis is an urgent global priority. If we want our energy future to be different … we must be different.That is our singular mission.​

GE, the 130-year-old energy pioneer. Our unwavering commitment to powering the planet, now fully focused on the energy transition. No company has the unique combination to pioneer what’s next – just as we have before. As we answer the call with renewed purpose and vigor, we are moving our GE energy businesses—including Renewables, Power, Digital and Energy Financial Services — under one banner to deliver a united, focused, one-of-a-kind force: GE Vernova. Together, with our customers and partners, we will chart the course to a better future.

Our mission is embedded in our new name. We retain our treasured birthright, “GE,” in our name as an enduring and hard-earned badge of quality and ingenuity. “Ver,” “verde,” “verdant,” all signal Earth’s verdant and lush ecosystems. “Nova,” from the Latin “novus,” nods to a new, innovative era of lower carbon energy that GE Vernova will help deliver.

Our new name sounds different, because it is. GE Vernova will act swiftly and surely to help build a cleaner, better future. This is not business as usual: this is business purpose-built to lead the new era of energy.

“If we act now, we can both help address the climate crisis and provide more sustainable, affordable, and reliable electricity for more people. Let’s get started.”


A message from our CEO

I’m proud to be here representing more than 70,000 colleagues worldwide as the CEO of GE Vernova, our portfolio of energy businesses. I am also here as a global citizen, as someone who wants a better environment for the next generation, and someone who has spent my career working to help deliver innovative solutions across the aviation and power industries. It’s through this full lens that I view the daunting challenge and opportunity we face when it comes to the energy transition.

As a leader, I am held accountable for a lot of numbers, many of them financial. But our quarterly financials aren’t the only numbers I am ultimately going to be judged against. It is what we do about the approximately 800 million people without access to reliable and affordable electricity today; how we keep pace with the global electricity demand projected to grow by 50% in the next 20 years; and how we decarbonize the power sector and strengthen its resilience simultaneously.

This is why at GE Vernova, we’re leading a decade of action on climate change and sustainable development. If we act now, we can both address the climate crisis and provide more sustainable, affordable, and reliable electricity for more people. Let’s get started.


Scott Strazik

CEO, GE Vernova