The Future of Energy

We’re defining the future of offshore and onshore wind technology through physical and digital advancements that enhance asset performance, cybersecurity, reliability, and profitability. Our focus spans wind turbine component materials and mechanics to advanced controls hardware and software, and artificial intelligence for wind turbine and wind farm operation. We also deliver innovative hybrid solutions comprising wind, solar, storage, and hydrogen.

Our Four Priorities

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Workhorse Wind Platform

Imagine wind turbines that see, talk, and react to one another. Turbines that auto adjust operations in real time based on weather and ambient conditions. Advanced Research is playing a key role in achieving GE Vernova’s vision for the future of wind. Execution on this priority lies in the advancement and application of AI and machine learning to enable adaptive wind farm controls.

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Best Running Fleet

Availability is the heart of this priority, with our scope spanning both onshore and offshore turbines. Advanced Research is designing a more robust sensory system for GE’s wind turbines to continuously monitor asset health and identify outlier behavior before costly issues arise. We’re also driving automated turbine inspections, particularly for offshore applications, with the aim of improving safety, speed, and lowering costs.

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Fulfillment at Scale

The installed capacity for onshore and offshore wind turbines is projected to multiply over the next few decades. To lead the industry as a supplier of choice, GE Vernova will lean into pioneering technology development in manufacturing automation, quality control, design cycles, sustainability, and low-cost logistics. The goal is to increase domestic throughput and drive down CAPEX for onshore and offshore customers.

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Offshore Breakthroughs

Advanced Research is known for tackling challenges head on, and the biggest challenge for wind power is a reliable and cost competitive offshore wind turbine. In addition to increasing performance through digital advancements, we’re exploring advanced materials for blades and engineering more efficient, and lighter-weight generators to increase annual energy production and lower costs.


Deliver innovations that electrify and decarbonize for the energy transition

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