The Future of Energy

To ready the grid for a zero-carbon future, we’re developing state-of-the-art technologies that promote stability, resiliency, and operability in the face of a changing energy landscape. Our focus spans storage technologies, grid-forming inverter controls and fast frequency response, flexible transformers, and microgrids. We’re also leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to build 21st century digital grid infrastructure.

Our Three Priorities

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Electrifying Industries

Industrial electrification is the single largest driver to reduce demand-side carbon emissions, but transforming energy-intensive industries has its challenges. Advanced Research is engineering power conversion systems and solutions to increase power density and deliver improved power quality through motor, drive, and controls technologies. Additionally, we’re engaged in innovative microgrid concept development and the advancement of marine electric power and propulsion.

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Connecting & Controlling Renewables

A zero-carbon future is only attainable with 100% grid participation. Advanced Research is pursuing innovations that aim to expand and interconnect grids, while enabling renewables integration. Our work spans high voltage direct current (HVDC) systems and flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) technologies. Additionally, we’re designing novel medium voltage direct current (MVDC) systems, and we’re unlocking new opportunities through novel, hybrid combinations of battery, solar, wind, and hydro

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Building the 21st Century Grid

A flexible, secure, and evolved grid is key to supporting increased electrification and renewable energy integration. Advanced Research is an essential partner in grid modernization research & development, with our focus spanning grid hardware, software, and automation. Foundational to this is energy security, a crucial ingredient that guides the engineering and integration of cybersecure features into all hardware and software development.


Deliver innovations that electrify and decarbonize for the energy transition

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