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GE Vernova launches startup ThinkLabs AI, Inc.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (May 23, 2024) - GE Vernova Inc. (NYSE: GEV) today announced it has launched ThinkLabs AI, Inc., a new startup focused on developing technology to help enhance grid planning through a combination of intelligent automation and AI. ThinkLabs is the first startup to be launched from GE Vernova. This move highlights the company’s commitment to enhancing the speed at which it brings energy transition innovations to customers.

“Our customers and the vital energy challenges we’re solving for demand relentless innovation,” said Limor Spector, President of Ventures and Incubation for GE Vernova. “This initial early-stage investment highlights one of the many ways we are committed to developing an innovative ecosystem in support of changing the trajectory of climate change.”

ThinkLabs is the result of an incubation effort launched by GE Vernova’s Electrification Software business and led by Josh Wong. During his time at GE Vernova, Wong focused on the application of disruptive technologies to help improve the way electric utilities manage, balance, optimize, and coordinate the grid. Wong has left GE Vernova to lead ThinkLabs as its chief executive officer.

ThinkLabs was pre-seeded with an initial early-stage investment by GE Vernova. An additional first-time seed-stage investment of $5 million was co-led by Powerhouse Ventures and Active Impact Investments. Other participants in the round included Blackhorn Ventures, Amplify Capital, Mercuria Energy, and a national US energy company. The company will be privately owned by its founders, GE Vernova, and the other investors.

The software application ThinkLabs is developing uses a combination of intelligent automation and AI to help enhance grid planning. The early-stage application, which is leveraging external funding partners to accelerate development, is planned to complement GE Vernova’s GridOS® software portfolio. The GridOS portfolio is comprised of a platform and suite of AI and Power Systems-based applications designed to help enable secure, reliable grid orchestration while delivering the resiliency and flexibility utilities need to modernize and transform to a more sustainable energy grid.


About GE Vernova
GE Vernova Inc. (NYSE: GEV) is a purpose-built global energy company that includes Power, Wind, and Electrification segments and is supported by its accelerator businesses. Building on over 130 years of experience tackling the world’s challenges, GE Vernova is uniquely positioned to help lead the energy transition by continuing to electrify the world while simultaneously working to decarbonize it. GE Vernova helps customers power economies and deliver electricity that is vital to health, safety, security, and improved quality of life. GE Vernova is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S., with more than 80,000 employees across 100+ countries around the world. Supported by the Company’s purpose, The Energy to Change the World, GE Vernova technology helps deliver a more affordable, reliable, sustainable, and secure energy future. Learn more: GE Vernova and LinkedIn. GE Vernova’s Electrification Software business is focused on delivering the intelligent applications and insights needed to accelerate electrification and decarbonization across the entire energy ecosystem – from how it’s created, how it’s orchestrated, to how it’s consumed. Its Grid Software business and GridOS® portfolio is trusted by global utilities to orchestrate a more sustainable energy grid and help deliver reliable and affordable electricity to their customers.

About ThinkLabs AI, Inc.
ThinkLabs AI, Inc. is a specialized AI development and deployment company. Our mission is to empower critical industries and infrastructure with trustworthy AI towards global energy sustainability. We’re developing our flagship product, ThinkLabs Copilot, a digital assistant that understands the real world with proprietary physics-informed AI digital twins that provide a foundation model for engineering systems. For more information on ThinkLabs AI, Inc., visit


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