What would happen if Cambodia’s grid were unexpectedly disconnected from Vietnam’s?

The challenge

Energy Consulting was tasked with developing models of Cambodia’s grid in the event it needed to be disconnected from the grid in neighboring Vietnam, to help ensure the grid could operate reliably and safely without support.

The solution

In addition to developing and validating Cambodia grid models, Energy Consulting also deployed its expertise in Cambodia by training its grid operators on best practices for planning and grid operations learned from our experience working on power systems around the world.


Stabilizing the grid in Cambodia

1.4 GW

installed base of power generation

923 MW

power load in the country

The scope of the Consulting Services team’s work included:

Develop and validate Cambodia grid models
Help the grid operator ensure the system can operate safely and reliably if it were to be disconnected from the neighboring grid in Vietnam.

Transmission analysis of Cambodian grid network
Energy Consulting worked with the grid operator EDC to analyze the current state of the transmission system to better understand how the client could reinforce the grid for future growth and changing generation scenarios. A detailed stability study was carried out and recommendations were provided to improve stability and reliability of the Cambodian grid.

Transmission Planning Software & Training
Energy Consulting provided a license to its industry leading GE PSLF transmission planning software along with advanced training on how to leverage the power of “big data”. The result: EDC engineers will be able to plan the grid of the future today.

World-Renowned Power Systems & Energy Courses (PSEC)
Energy Consulting has been training the world’s power systems leaders for more than 65 years through its PSEC training curriculum. The team brought this expertise to Cambodia as part of the engagement with EDC, training their engineers on future-ready best practices around grid planning and operation.

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