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With our inhouse experts, we can provide holistic studies that include power economics assessments for the energy transition and software tools to determine whether a project is economically feasible; grid stability and integration studies that evaluate the grid, transmission and distribution, and pathways to integrate conventional, renewable and emerging power sources; and carbon management consulting that inform customers’ strategies to lower their greenhouse gas and carbon footprint.

We have ~140 energy experts throughout 12 countries, and more than 100 patents.

What sets us apart?

Our Consulting Services team addresses our customers’ challenges in a holistic way, with power studies that explore the economic and physical aspects of proposed projects at both the project and system level. Our deep software base provides the foundational knowledge needed to develop holistic studies tailored to your specific goals.


With Consulting Services, you will benefit from:

  • Inhouse expertise and testing
  • More than 50 investment-grade global models with regional and technology expertise
  • A credible voice in the industry that provides fact-based analysis
  • GE Vernova technologies and grid studies archive
  • Global access to installed base and experts in all regions

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Consulting Services Assessments and Studies

Learn more about how the Consulting Services team conducts studies to help prepare for a decarbonized future, read examples of successful projects around the globe—and share the interactive flipbook with friends and colleagues!

Our Consulting Services team addresses our customers’ challenges in a holistic way, with power studies that explore the economic and physical aspects of proposed projects at both the project and system level.

With more than 20 years of experience testing units, we can help your power plant equipment stay connected to the grid.

Power plant testing and validation analysis

This is a critical aspect for most generating units to meet regional and national model validation requirements.

Our team can develop in-depth analyses to model and plan energy grid systems based on the specific needs of developing electric power markets.

Grid planning for developing electric power markets

As energy demand continues to increase worldwide, emerging markets are on the lookout for ways to modernize their electricity grid system.

The Consulting Services team found that Canada could get more than 1/3 of its power from wind without compromising grid reliability.

Wind integration studies

Policy makers in Canada were interested in understanding the impact of higher penetration of wind energy.

Our analysis showed Great Britain would need to invest in additional generation & storage capacity to meet its net zero goal.


investment needed by 2030


additional output required by 2030

Building a net zero carbon future in Great Britain

Great Britain has set ambitious decarbonization goals and aims to reach net zero by 2050.

We identified the potential benefits of having an unconstrained interregional transmission:


cost savings


avoidance of load shedding during extreme weather events.

Interregional transmission analyses

The Consulting Services team simulated the Eastern Interconnection under various weather conditions in North America.

Assessments and studies to address today’s energy challenges

A snapshot of Consulting Services studies for customers around the world.

Working with our customers to address today’s energy challenges

Discover how the Consulting Services team has delivered solutions for customers worldwide, offering valuable insights into diverse energy landscapes and challenges.

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Seeing around decarb corners: are you planning for the right energy future?

Learn about Consulting Services' experiences with holistic decarbonization planning. Our experts discuss the top challenges faced when integrating high levels of renewables and best practices for reliable grid integration.

Explore our consulting service areas

  • Power economics and software
  • Grid stability and integration
  • Carbon management consulting
Succeeding in the energy transition: stacked change leveling up to an earth

How to succeed in the energy transition

Energy providers, distributors, consumers, and stakeholders need to base their decisions not only on technical considerations, but also on a range of economic, policy and regulatory drivers. Consulting Services has cross-functional teams that can weave stability and adequacy power system analysis into technical and economic recommendations and solutions.

We provide policy, planning and investment decision expertise to help you make complex energy decisions while reducing potential risks. We analyze electric power market conditions, system dispatch and operations, and energy policy implications to help you make strategic planning decisions in today's often uncertain world.


Interconnected power systems

The Consulting Services team has comprehensive, global experience in power system studies and in-depth experience analyzing all aspects of power plant and transmission system dynamic controls for successful grid integration of technology.

With focus areas including grid modernization, reactive power adequacy, distributed generation, distribution automation and smart gird analysis, and T&D long-range planning, we can help you plan, design, and operate interconnected power systems.

Concept depicting the issue of carbon dioxide emissions and its impact on nature in the form of a pond in the shape of a co2 symbol located in a lush forest.

Meeting net-zero greenhouse gas emissions

Our assessments inform customer strategy and roadmaps to unlock opportunities to reduce and remove greenhouse gas (GHG) and CO2 emissions, building the foundation for future energy systems. We can assess your current GHG emissions and provide tailored analytics and processes to help you track and understand your CO2 impact. We’ll  work with you to develop a strategic approach to meet your net zero targets in the cleaner energy future.

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The benefits of inter-regional transmission

Hear from the Consulting Services team about a recent study to increase grid flexibility and resilience in support of increasing renewable energy sources.

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