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To succeed in the evolving global energy marketplace, utilities, plant owners, operators, system planners, market designers, investors, and energy consumers must base their decisions not only on technical considerations, but also on a range of economic and regulatory drivers. Consulting Services cross-functional teams are able to weave stability and adequacy analysis into technical and economic recommendations and solutions.

We provide policy, planning and investment decision expertise to help you make complex energy decisions while reducing potential risks. We analyze electric power market conditions, system dispatch and operations, and energy policy implications to help you make strategic planning decisions in today's often uncertain world.

We utilize data from utility IRPs, ISO planning documents, financial reports, etc. to feed our Multi-Area Production Simulation (MAPS) software and additional modeling tools to generate a wide range of forecasting results, including nodal and zonal pricing (inclusive of congestions and losses), capacity and ancillary prices, RECs, fuel price forecasts, and more. In performing this analysis, our team is uniquely positioned to inform our customers and partners on the economic and financial impacts of various policy and planning considerations, support critical investment decisions, and value a variety of assets and asset portfolios, and more. Our team continuously updates market models and datasets, which are available for purchase.

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