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The Production Cost module of PlanOS* provides the possibility to more accurately model the economic operation of the power system to make informed decisions. Whether you’re interested in assessing the portfolio value of generating units or identifying the transmission bottlenecks that most seriously constrain economic operation, the Production Cost module captures the complex interaction between generation and transmission systems.

Production Cost capabilities

Identify transmission path congestion and calculate the associated production costs on the economic dispatch of generation.
Evaluate system operations given various future resource plans.
Measure the impact on total system emissions that result from the addition of new generation or new regulatory policies.
Understand when resources will switch fuels based on availability and least cost.
Evaluate the effects of energy storage and additional transmission.

An integrated experience

Unleashing the robust algorithmic capabilities of our decades-proven and industry-leading modules

Experience end-to-end grid planning with a unified dataset and a native, simplified infrastructure by leveraging capabilities of the PlanOS modules formerly known as PSLF, MARS, and MAPS.

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