Transforming energy systems to help reach net-zero targets

Consulting Services’ assessments-based approach helps you uncover opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Better understand your current emissions output with tailored analytics and tracking systems that can illustrate your CO2 impact. We’ll help you create a strategy aiming to meet net-zero targets and sustainability goals for a greener future.

Services and offerings

  • Energy transition planning
  • GHG inventory management
  • Carbon markets

To help address today’s abatement challenges, Consulting Services offers innovative solutions and the adoption of effective decarbonization technologies to help you evaluate and explore revenue opportunities through voluntary carbon markets and alternative carbon monetization pathways with our assessments-based approach:

Carbon crediting pre-feasibility assessment

Work with Consulting Services to determine if your project is eligible under the Voluntary Carbon Market standards, and evaluate feasibility of enhancing economic viability of decarbonization technologies through carbon markets. Each study examines policy, standards and methodologies, additionality of emission reductions, risks and opportunities, and alternative monetization pathways.

Unlock revenue potential


Meet net-zero targets

Quantify voluntary market credit revenue potential through assessment-specific mechanisms that examine the economic feasibility and forecast of your project to help meet net-zero targets more effectively and efficiently.

Carbon project development

Meet your decarbonization goals

Easily navigate your carbon crediting development projects associated with decarbonization technologies to help meet zero targets more effectively and efficiently.

Carbon credits monetization

Discover revenue streams

Work with Consulting Services to establish potential revenue streams through commercializing carbon credits.

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