Navigating an uncertain future

Analyzing decarbonization policies ​across the globe requires tools to forecast capacity additions that help meet those policy goals both efficiently and reliably.​ With the current energy marketplace challenges and industry needs, a stochastic approach acknowledges uncertainty and optimizes across a range of possible futures. The PlanOS* Capacity Expansion module improves the ability to forecast capacity while considering uncertainties.

Capacity Expansion capabilities

Renewable integration studies
Emissions analysis
Operations and maintenance forecasts
Regulatory policy evaluation
Transmission asset valuation
Marketplace rule evaluation

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Planning for uncertainty: the value of stochastics

With the present uncertainty in future policy goals, technology advancements, decarbonization, electrification, and various other factors, planning practices need to evolve. Techniques exist to account for these uncertainties and should be used to develop more robust and adaptable plans which are prepared to handle the unpredictability of the future grid.

An integrated experience

Unleashing the robust algorithmic capabilities of our decades-proven and industry-leading modules

Experience end-to-end grid planning with a unified dataset and a native, simplified infrastructure by leveraging capabilities of the PlanOS modules formerly known as PSLF, MARS, and MAPS.

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