Members of the GE Energy Consulting team recently partnered with the Bureau of Energy (MOEA) and Indusrtial Technology Research Institute in Taipei, Taiwan on October 24, 2019 to host a tailored Power Systems and Energy Course entitled Assessment Methods and Technical Discussions Course on Operating Reserves of Renewable Energy in Power System.

Attendees gathered at the GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center for the full day of educational training and networking.

The course presentations and topics included:

  • Increasing Hosting Capacity of Renewable Energy - Technical Issues and Challenges (presented by Gary W. Chang, IEEE Fellow, Distinguished Professor, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan)
  • Essential Reliability Services for Integration of High Shares of RE in Power Systems (presented by Jason MacDowell, Senior Technical Director, GE Energy Consulting, US)
  • Current Trends of Reserve Markets in the US and Reserve Modelling for Taiwan (presented by Andrew Bachert, Principal Engineer, GE Energy Consulting, US)
  • Assessment of Ramping Capability and Reserve Requirement for India Grid under High RE Scenario (presented by Yanyan Zhu, Principal Engineer, GE Energy Consulting, China).


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