In the November - December 2019 Edition of IEEE Power & Energy Magazine members of the GE Energy Consulting team along with fellow industry subject matter experts authored multiple articles focused on decarbonizing the electric energy supply. 

GE Energy Consulting contributors included Jason MacDowell , Senior Technical Director, and Sebastian Achilles , Managing Director - Power Systems Operation and Planning. Jason and Sebastian provided industry insights and expertise with fellow colleagues on the following articles: 

  • "A Journey Through Energy Systems Integration" by Jason MacDowell, Yingying Wang, Ryan Quint, Yongning Chi, Bernie Ernst, Steven Saylors, David Jacobson, Bjorn Andresen, Poul Ejnar Sorensen, Raphael Portales, Dan Brake, Bob Zavadil, and Luke Robinson
  • "Grid-Forming Inverters" by Julia Matevosyan, Babak Badrzadeh, Thibault Prevost, Eckard Quitmann, Deepak Ramasubramanian, Helge Urdal, Sebastian Achilles, Jason MacDowell, Shun Hsien Huang, Vijay Vital, Jon O'Sullivan, and Ryan Quin


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