Secure islanding of power plants – system stability analysis

New generation is increasingly applied at or near large industrial plants, with the output wholly or partially targeted for the industrial load. Frequently, isolating the generation and industrial loads (in whole or in part) from the grid (to “island”) is a prudent measure when the grid indicates signs of impending failure. The condition of islanding can also inadvertently occur when grid interconnection is lost. In such applications, it is essential to determine and implement the appropriate power plant control and protection strategies to successfully island.  This ability to  separate from the grid and maintain suitable island frequency and voltage, under transient and in the longer term conditions, is an essential tool in maintaining stability of the entire system.

GE Energy Consulting develops power flow and dynamic stability simulation models, based on unique  plant systems, that assess the ability of plants to maintain operation during events such as large motor starting, load tripping and generator tripping.  Energy Consulting can test secure islanding control strategies, including turbine governor control setting and load shedding scheme svia stability simulation.

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