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The core mission of the electric power system is to supply loads with adequate capacity, voltage, frequency and reliability. From the early 1900s to today electric power has brought about a new age of industrialization, communication, and healthcare, maintaining the well-being of billions of people around the globe. In the last two decades, automation devices, communications and controls have been progressively applied to improve reliability, operational efficiency and utilization. Recently there has been a wholesale push toward modernizing the grid to create a “smart grid” with two-way high-speed communication, sensing & monitoring devices and command & control technologies. Energy Consulting performs engineering studies that facilitate application of smart grid technology, and assess the benefits for grid operation. We have considerable experience with technologies and applications such as smart meter integration, coordinated volt/VAr control, conservation voltage reduction, fault detection and location, system reconfiguration strategies, etc. Our expertise also includes analysis of business cases for smart grid and automation, identification of isolate drivers, and assessment benefit for utilities, customers and other stakeholders.

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