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EPM 4000 Sub-meter
EPM 4000 Sub-meter (Discontinued)

EPM 4000 is an easy to use energy/demand data logging meter suitable for multi-tenant new construction or retrofit application. The EPM 4000 is available in 3, 6, 9 or 12 meter versions to suit a large variety of multi-tenant high-rise of garden-style apartments, condos or office suites. Its rugged metal enclosure is designed for fast installation as well as tamper resistance. The integral LCD display provides access to over 50 electrical parameters in real-time or historical format. These packages can be purchased as 120/208V or 277/480V ranges with either solid or split core CTs.

The EPM 4000 also provides two modes of communication: (a) Standard PLC (Power Line Communication) where the AC lines act as the communication medium - Perfect for retrofit applications where pulling new communication lines is difficult and expensive or, (b) Optional RS-485 Modbus Open Protocol Communication for networking to third party systems through the EPM 4000’s communication transponder.

Integrable in various GE panelboards or power panel products
Meters up to 12 tenants
Reliable power line communications
Interval data & time of use capability
Load profiling
Collects data from water and gas meters
Easy to install
Proven accuracy-ANSI compliant

Features and Benefits
  • Space Saver- Small footprint takes up a fraction of the space of a typical meter bank installation
  • Cost Effective- Saves on equipment cost and installation
  • Integrated Power Line Communications- Utilizes existing electrical wiring for communications; Requires no dedicated hard wires, additional modules or attachments for communications
  • Flexible Data Programming-Interval data down to 5 minutes allows flexible load profiling and time of use billing options
  • Accurate - Meets ANSI C12.16 specifications and stringent requirements of measurement Canada (AE-1148)
  • Comprehensive Information- Event reporting with date and time stamps regarding power consumption, demand resets, power ups and power downs, time changes, and tampers
  • Liquid Crystal Display LCD - provides consumption readings for each tenant
  • Multi-utility Submetering System- Integrates and stores pulse data from gas and water meters
  • Power Quality Data- Measures four-quadrant energy to analyze power quality
  • Tamper Resistant -Rugged steel enclosure design
  • Data Integrity -Utilizes flash memory for accurate data storage and integrity without battery reliance
  • Installation Verification- Display allows on-site verification of proper installation
  • Manufacturers Warranty- Three year meter warranty

  • Easy Access To Data -Software package available for on or off-site meter reading