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Committed to our Steam Power customers

In a season 8 episode of GE Vernova’s Cutting Carbon podcast, Steam Power CEO Valerie Marjollet discusses how our business is adapting to continue supporting our coal and nuclear customers through the energy transition.

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OEM support delivered with speed

Coal plant services

As your maintenance planning windows may be contracting and you need to be more flexible, we are adapting with you…investing in regional short-cycle service capabilities—and local talent—dedicated to keep you up and running.



  • A robust network of 6 regional facilities to manufacture, repair and deliver parts quickly for your planned and emergency needs.
  • A continuous improvement model means your parts are engineered with the most advanced design innovations that deliver better performance and component life.
  • Millions of hours of real-world  operating data  that informs our engineering of parts including blades, valves and diaphragms.
  • Pre-assembly solutions to  help reduce outage cycle time with ‘ready to drop in’ components such as valve assemblies.
  • Proactive supplier planning to avoid potential delays from factors such as minerals availability or upcoming parts obsolescence.
  • Solutions for generator, steam turbine, boiler, AQCS, and controls parts


  • A robust footprint of regional shops  enables us to quickly respond to both your planned and emergency needs; we have six manufacturing and repair sites in the region.
  • A dedicated on-site repairs  team that can come to you when there isn’t time to send components to a shop.
  • With a suite of tooling  facilities throughout the region, we can quickly mobilize repair resources to your site  to reduce cycle time.
  • Industry-leading repair capabilities including rotor repairs, welding solutions, steam turbine blading and balancing capabilities.
  • Steam turbine rotors, blades, casings and more.
  • Generator rotors, stator core/bars, rewinds and more.
  • Boiler corrosion maintenance, tune-ups and life extensions. 


  • Full lifecycle support for turbine controls, excitation and DCS systems
  • Services include preventive maintenance, parts replacements, upgrades and migrations to extend life, drive better efficiency and reliability, keep operators compliant with regulations, and stay in front of obsolescence issues (HMIs/migration packs)
  • Support for legacy technologies, including ALSPA systems, which can be upgraded to the Mark VIe™ system


  • Remote monitoring allows GE to alert you to operating anomalies and provide guidance on troubleshooting, risk-based assessments and corrective actions
  • Online monitoring empowers you to track, assess and resolve identified anomalies based on your control room capabilities and team expertise
  • On-site monitoring for steam turbine/generator and boiler equipment is a cost-effective way to better anticipate maintenance needs and sidestep unplanned outages.         

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Benefits of advanced outage planning

Taking your outage planning process to the next level can deliver significant benefits in time and cost savings, even when the unexpected happens once you "open up the hood."

Keeping the lights on in Ebensburg, PA

No steam plant operator wants a forced shutdown, but for the Ebensburg Power plant in Pennsylvania, it was an opportunity to integrate future planned maintenance into the outage--saving time and money over the long term.

Expanded capabilities at GE’s Erlanger service center

The Erlanger Service Center in Kentucky, U.S., has expanded its capabilities to perform repairs on both steam turbines and generators for GE and other OEM equipment. 

Parts and repairs for steam power plants

With parts and repairs capabilities across your entire steam plant, GE’s Steam Power team can provide fast, local response, custom repairs, and emergent work.

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