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As our customers in the Asia Pacific region navigate the energy transition, GE Steam Power provides:

  • Best-in-class services for GE steam turbines and generators as well as our legacy fleet brands  
  • Nuclear turbine island solutions for new build and installed facilities

Can GE provide steam turbines that help convert non-recyclable waste into dependable and reliable energy?

YES. GE will equip East Rockingham utility-scale waste-to-energy plant with our 35-MWe turbine, part of GE’s renewable steam power technology portfolio. The new plant will convert non-recyclable waste into reliable and dependable energy for the Australian grid while lowering the overall annual CO2 footprint by 300,000 tons—the equivalent of taking 64,000 cars off the road.



Can GE supply high efficiency steam technology for my biomass power plant?

YES. Powered by GE’s renewable steam turbine and generator, Kamisu Biomass Power Generation plant will run on 100% biomass to generate 50 MW of reliable and dependable electricity.


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